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    Big hopper,
    You need to diagnose your problem logically starting with where the electricity is generated.
    Put your repaired gear back on the bike.
    The first thing to check is the magneto and check the voltage coming from the magneto when you kick it over , obviously with the flywheel fitted. You should be getting a good reading way in excess of 12 volts. You can use a bulb lead for this or a digital volt meter , you know ...the sort that is £5 on ebay.
    If your getting good volts then check your connections to the coil and frame .
    Then check the reading coming from your ht lead.
    This process should identify your problem component. Ive got to say im surprised both your coil and stator needed repairing. This is strange that both may be faulty. Also i see they are in Cornwall. Is this the original guy who has come back from Spain or someone who has bought the business. This guy may just not know his stuff like the original.
    Good luck
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