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  1. Is the distance(measurement) from the piston pin hole to the piston crown the same for both pistons?
  2. Looks like a YZ piston...what are the numbers on the piston crown?
  3. . Now MT you can't be messing with the free market economy..
  4. Bmonk

    Trial bike in winter

    If in doubt you can purchase a antifreeze tester at any auto parts store pretty cheap.
  5. Or the slightly more personal "hey Buddy".
  6. If it leaks for just a short time it is just some air escaping from the space between the tube and rim.If it leaks enough for the pressure to drop in the tube you have punctured the tube.
  7. The numbers on the float valve assy( often referred to as the needle and seat Assy) refer to the actual size of the hole .So if you reduced the size of the hole from 2.5 mm to 2 mm that is a 25 percent reduction in the fuel flow . what you describe is a engine running lean so before trying to tune for this condition check to make certain the correct float valve Assy is in the carb.
  8. Bmonk

    ty175 carbie

    Yes it's the classic o ring around the main jet holder
  9. Pistons and cylinders for Japanese MC are also classed at one hundreth of a millimetre.
  10. Bmonk

    Crank seals

    Replace the needle and seat assy
  11. Can't imagine you can swap the ignition source coil for the lighting coil and expect the motor to run properly.Most condensers are .22 mf and can be mounted external from the points plate.Contact breakers are pretty specific and usually set at .012-.016 " or .3-.4 mm
  12. Bmonk

    TY175 serial # s

    Thanks for the info...
  13. Bmonk

    TY175 serial # s

    On another site someone has done some research and posted that numbers 525-000102 to 525-002751 are for 1975 models and 525-100107 to 525-102650 is for 1976 models. Can anyone confirm that this is correct?
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