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  1. I blasted that with carb cleaner,it was clear..thanks for the advice though pal ?
  2. I replaced the pilot jet,and all the others with new..no difference..so I'm in Scotland,and the bikes back in Derbyshire ???
  3. But it isn't blocked with crap,it's just brass,there's never been a hole through it,or so it appears..can't get my head round it tbh,I thought it was just a bung and not a jet..
  4. Evening chaps..the latest in my shenanigans..is this my pilot jet,and shouldn't there be a hole through it?
  5. Hi chaps,I've tried the bike with the new Reed gasket in and still got the problem..but it sempt to be miss firing abit now though on choke.
  6. Right ok thanks.I'll try it tonight after work..I'm running out of things to eliminate.!!!
  7. Right guys,I've got a new gasket between the Reed Cage and the crankcase and got the carb back on ,so it's ready to fire up,but it's too late (11:30 pm) I took the flywheel cover off and checked the crank for movement..there is a bit of play but not much.Does this mean my main bearings are shagged or is there normally a tiny bit of movement?
  8. Yep,that makes perfect sense..I'll check tomorrow..thanks ?
  9. We'll I've checked the reeds and they're fine,although the gasket was split..
  10. Hi chaps,I've tried New fuel and it's made no difference ? I think my next step is to check the reeds,as someone has suggested. I'm getting pretty frustrated now because I'm off to the isle of Skye on Friday and I want to take the bike with me so I can practice/play on it..
  11. I'm thinking I've missed an air leak somewhere,it ticks over sweet on full choke..
  12. Hi,well I eventually managed to get hold of a flywheel puller,so I got the crankseal changed yesterday..no difference,the bike still splutters,farts n dies on tickover.I'm just trying it with a premium fuel mix so if there's still no improvement then it's carb off again..for the 7th time ?
  13. Just to update..I've ordered a seal and a puller from Splat shop.Should get them early next week.
  14. Thanks for that,I'll give them a call tomorrow ?
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