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  1. It's a tubeless tire situation and my first experience with a rimtape with valve stem attached to it. I totally cleaned the inside of rim until it looked brand new but didn't do anything to the rimtape. Used tons of soapy water and inflated and re-inflated over a dozen times but couldn't get that last little bit of the tire to seat properly until i cranked up the pressure. Read a lot about adding a tube and rimlock but it's on a bike that's 15 years old and probably always worked tubeless before.
  2. I've been struggling to get the bead to set on a new tire installation. Got a little frustrated and put about sixty pounds in it. Sounded like a gun going off but it finally set the bead. Now the valve stem is leaking air. Very slowly but... My question is did the pressure damage the rim strip? It was working fine before. I tried tightening the nut of the valve stem and that helped some but still leaking. I have a new rim band but don't want to ruin it.
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