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  1. Following. Having issues keeping my 2000 2.9 idling. Runs great from 1/4 to full throttle. Currently waiting for a set of jets both smaller and bigger than the 36 pilot jet that's in there now.
  2. Designed and 3d printed a front plate for my Sherco/Bultaco. Please don't tar and feather me for not having a twinshock, I'm not sure if the 1999 and 2000 bikes count as "real" Bultaco's but I guess you lot will be quick to tell me! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4235381
  3. I had similar problems with my 2000 2.9 and replaced the reeds with Boyesen 2 stage fiberglass. Other posters here and on ADVrider suggested the Pro series reed set with 1 carbon and 1 fiberglass wasn't as smooth in the throttle as the regular fiberglass 2 stage. New reeds completely solved the vagueness in the idle mix screw. Now I never think about adjusting it during a ride. BTW, the Boyesen #665 reeds for these old Shercos are the same as a KTM 65 and KTM 50. I'm in the US and use non-ethanol gasoline with 36 and 118 jets that were in it when I acquired the bike recently. I originally thought the problem was caused by the carburetor not being clean enough or a leaky O ring somewhere so I purchased a basic rebuild kit for the dellorto to replace every single rubber piece and gasket. Couldn't be happier with how it runs now.
  4. I left the silencer at my friend's shop to have him reconstruct the end cap and body end. Doubt I'll put the frame through too much abuse so it's not hugely important.
  5. The tune page on Keihin's website is now located here: https://www.keihin-na.com/aftermarket/tuning/
  6. zippy do you have any pictures of the gusset you added? I'm also looking for pictures of the silencer taken apart. I just bought a 2000 with the end cap partially welded on. I believe the mounting flanges or slip fit are no longer there. I'll need to take it to my friend to have the rear cap and end of the outside tube built to match what it was originally.
  7. Found a video demonstrating the penny trick. Much safer than jim snell's mig welder and slide hammer trick.
  8. cgunzelman

    New old Sherco!

    Just got my 2.9! Love it so far. Engine seems solid and very clean. Currently waiting on rear wheel bearings to arrive in the mail, spent $10 on ebay for some nice SKF contact seal bearings. Those will get cleaned out and waterproof grease added back in. My fork oil seals seem good enough, not perfect so I spent another $8 on chinese dust seals to keep dirt out. I know other riders have issues with cheap oil seals on their forks so I'll spring the $60 for that next year. The dust seals had Paioli or Marzocchi on them and looked original from Y2K. Suuuuper dry rotted and cracked. Could probably get the ink cartridge from a cheap pen through the cracks.
  9. Wait till you see what's available in Thailand ?
  10. cgunzelman

    New old Sherco!

    How much did you pay? I'm looking at a 2000 2.9 as well.
  11. Maybe I thought this was a more UK oriented board. Would love to be wrong! I know in Australia they use Gumtree and Canada has kijiji.
  12. Thought this was a great thread over on another forum. For those that find neat twinshocks on craigslist but don't have plans to buy them, maybe someone here will find the info useful. I apologise if my US location offends anyone. I don't know the equivalent of Craigslist in the UK. I'll start. A bunch of Hodaka parts bikes in Pennsylvania. https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/mcy/d/hazleton-hodaka-dirt-bike-lot/6775910399.html
  13. Found someone over on ADVrider with the same issue. https://advrider.com/f/threads/full-service-of-a-sherco-2-9-an-ongoing-thread.910355/page-2#post-22616841 I might be buying a 2.9 next week and doing a lot of reading on common problems and maintenance so I can make a pre-purchase checklist.
  14. Have you tried emulating a hot-start lever by introducing a vacuum leak? Motocross bikes have a cable-operated hot-start lever on their handlebars that operates a port on the intake or carb to bypass the carb and allow fresh air directly into the cylinder. On my 4 stroke bike, the carb had a vacuum port to operate the petcock. I capped that port when I installed a manual petcock. When the bike would flood too bad out in the woods, I removed the cap and it fired right up. Quickly replace the cap and ride on my merry way. I added a 12v solenoid valve to that port and wired it to an unused momentary button on my turn signal cluster so now I have an electronic hot-start button.
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