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  1. My old 03 TXT Pro had a floating front rotor, I thought it was standard.
  2. Ive been having problems with the rear brake on my Beta Techno lampkin rep ever since buying it, ive bled the system several times (tried using a vacuum system, and bleeding with mastercylinder above caliper aswell) and it never gets any better, no fluid leaks out of a mastercylinder or anything so id say the seals would be fine. the brake rubs slightly and the lever is spongy (will go to the pedal stop on the skid plate) the brake works but just has a horrible feel and the pads return very slowly. Ive got a trial in a couple weeks so would like to get this sorted if anyone has any ideas?
  3. If you want a very easy bike to ride buy an 03+ Gas Gas or Beta, if you want reliability go with a Beta Techno (awesome bikes) or a Montesa. Generally the newer bikes edge on the side of performance over reliability it seems, but a good example of any trials bike would be reliable.
  4. Gearings so low on the 4 - 2 gearbox on a Gas Gas that it wouldnt be possible to bump it in anything lower than its road gear (5th), I dont even think a Pro 125 would bump in 4th.
  5. It seems theres 3 ways to start a GG Pro, if it doesnt start within 4 kicks of each of these theres a problem. Either no throttle and kick with choke off, kick with throttle and choke off, or kick with full choke and no throttle. When I first got my Gasser I had a few problems hot starting it, but got the technique now. Bump starting seems to be a bad idea on the Pros, the gearboxes are abit flimsy for that sorta abuse.
  6. Thats not a 2004, its an 02 from the looks of the clutch casing and radiator shields.
  7. I always just cut gaskets myself out of cereal boxes, doesnt need to be that precise
  8. glynn

    Gg Frame Material

    I beat my Gasser pretty hard, probably harder than I should with riding trails and more dirt bike conditions, still holding perfect, cant beat the old pre 09 frames.
  9. Never seen bars like that before, correct me if im wrong, but they look to me like MTB bars??
  10. I have a DP clutch kit in my Gas Gas, works good, would recommend. I have good experiences with 15W40 oil in the gearbox of my Gasser and Beta Techno, if the clutch is right it will work well, I tend to see people using ATF when their clutch is worn or out of spec, I also done the same before fitting new plates.
  11. Beautiful build, id go as far to say id prefer it to a brand new trials bike, seems perfect for exploring trails, yet still being able to tackle the tricky stuff.
  12. glynn


    Never tried any braketec parts, but a good working AJP is more than enough power for me, our Beta Techno has a 4 pot AJP off an 09 Gas Gas and its brutal!, I also have the same caliper and master cylinder on my 03 Gas Gasand it is nowhere near as good, although its likely on old fluid and ready for a clean. But honestly, even a badly working modern trials brake will lockup with 1 finger, what more would you want??
  13. glynn

    Txt200 Cylinder Head

    Jim, do you know if the pistons for the "pro" 200's are obtainable or the same as the TXT? im about due a fresh piston on my 03 TXT Pro 200.
  14. NEVER use synthetic ATF, clutch may feel nice for a while, but will stick, slip, drag and I just had endless trouble with it (putoline synthetic ATF), It also made my plates swell. Now I have new plates and run 15W40 with no problems, your bike is a pre Pro so has a regular design clutch, unlike the diaphragm clutch in the Pro, so you should have no problems with 10W40, I wouldnt run ATF if I was you, its a common trick to eliminate drag in the Pro clutch which your bike should not have.
  15. glynn

    65,9 Kg

    Does things like cutting the reservoir down but is still using the stock heavy exhaust?? come on...
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