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    Txt200 Cylinder Head

    if you could please that would be great,i emailed them yesterday but my question may have got lost in translation
  2. db_89

    Txt200 Cylinder Head

    thanks for the help and advise guys,sorry if any offence about the for sale rules. it was intended as looking for links more so than a wanted add. the link crazybond gave me has one for sale http://www.2bbikes.com/Webwinkel-Product-146566651/gebruikt-gasgas-cilinderkop-160-200-6073mm-Nieuw-(zit-verf-op).html the measurements they give are 60.73 but the bore size of the 200(160cc) is approx 63.5. it cant be the 125 head as theyre small and a 250 is way bigger. im waiting on getting the head to measure it myself but does anyone know if the above is correct? im not sure where to measure but im waiting on a reply frm the company
  3. db_89

    Txt200 Cylinder Head

    sorry its a 1999,not 100% if its txt or tx but apparantly the same head
  4. one of the lads damaged his cylinder head,finding it hard to get one. does anyone know where i could get one or even know of a good second hand one? thanks
  5. hi jim,thanks for that. i have been watching your videos and find them very informative and helpful.thanks for your reply
  6. been searching for 2 days now and cant find an owners/garage manual online.does anyone have a link? gas gas only have a part number listing book on the website
  7. id say its trials heaven over your way!!
  8. southern irelans,wicklow. was a practice event 5 mins frm my house in may
  9. your a star!! what type atf would i use? dex 2 mineral or dex 3 synthetic ? there is atf in it now and she crawls on slightly when cold
  10. sorry for all the questions but i thought id be better put them in one thread. iv bought my first trials and its a 1998 gas gas tx 270 contact,im completly clueless so need to ask a few questions. premix ratio? i was told approx 75mls to 5ltrs? tyre pressures front and back? gear oil grade and how many hourly service the previous owner has a KnN 4stroke cone filter on it and the airbox is gone,is there anyone with a secondhand airbox or is there any trials breakers in the uk thanks for your help derek
  11. hey guys got my first trials bike last night,a tx270 1998(shes ould but shell hould) havnt got a ****s notion about them so ill be asking a few qs. i race in enduro and hare scrambles and have wanted a trials for a few years. have a few road bikes aswell
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