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  1. Here you go http://www.analogx.com/cgi-bin/cgivin.exe?Mode=Decode&VIN=unbs129tr1a006657&Submit=Decode
  2. Seems a bit expensive to me to be honest, Inch Perfect Trials had a nice 2009 for sale for £2200 last week, was a real beauty. https://www.inchperfecttrials.co.uk/shop/bikes/used/2009-beta-evo-290-100.html
  3. Love Beta, however took me a days riding to get used to kickstart on the left.
  4. Im not aware who the guy is Oni nou? I take it he's well known?
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys, i'll give it a swerve and spend a little more on something better known.
  6. Sure I understand that, but it's an advert so will go view it first. Do it being a 125 isn't a problem? I could in theory go back to being a 250 no problem?
  7. Im looking for a cheap bike at the moment and this has caught my attention http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gas-Gas-trials-motorcycle-/371728690474?hash=item568cc1ad2a:g:mVsAAOSwubRXMIF0 Its had its engine replaced with the 125 unit, will this affect the bike at all? would i be able to put a 250 in it easy enough later on? Bike looks quite tidy for that price.
  8. Going to go get my ipad and try this!
  9. Haha fair enough! I really cant wait to get a bike and my gear, need me a tow bar on the car now and a bike rack so im ready.
  10. Haha not sure they could of made that look uglier if they tried!
  11. Im looking for a modernish bike (2007 Sherco), but i will also ride one of my dads classics, it will be nice to share an interest with my dad, but im sure i'll find the modern bike a lot easier!
  12. Last bike i rode (im 35) was one of my dads 1960's Bantam Trials bikes, even thats bloody heavy.
  13. Hello Everyone, Just found the forums and looks great, just wanted to drop by and say hello. Im Simon, im 36 and im from Blackburn in Lancs (sounds pretty much like an online dating profile doesnt it, promise im not here to try and have my way with anyone! ha), Ive had trials bikes right through from being 4 to about 18 (Yamaha TY's mainly), Then i went to college etc and discovered, beer, women etc! Now im married and have twins its time to stat again. My Dad build and rides pre 65 trials, mainly builds bike from old Bantams, but recently started with some Japanese stuff too, i'll get some pics of his builds if anyone is interested? I have a budget of around £1300 to start with a bike, currently thinking a Sherco is what i'd like, looking at around 2007 for that money? am i on the right track? I know theres Darwen Trials club just around the corner from me, so i'll be going along to the next trial and trying to make some new freinds haha (i'll not be trying to hold hands with random people, so people of Darwen please dont worry haha). Anyhow, i think my main worry is, am i to old?? Im pretty fit and im keen for trials to help me get fitter and hopefully get my twin girls into something outdoorsy that we can all enjoy together as they grow up, I know i loved riding with my Dad (still will when i get a bike). Thanks Si
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