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  1. For my brake lever I ended up having to use a steel one mounted to the inside of the frame , steel so I could cut, weld, heat and bend it into shape , is it possible to mount on the inside?
  2. if I remember right my Beta Techno was 12 volt, I would think the Zero was 12 volt as well, nothing special about the Motoplat coil , one off a 90's era KTM should work , ( probably any 12 V coil would produce a spark for a test ) Keep up the progress
  3. Thanks to all for the positive comments , Glynn, that is exactly the intention , so far the performance is just what I wanted.
  4. So its been a while , winter kinda shut down the build then I went on a 3 month kiteboarding trip, then picked up a TL 125 and did a rebuild on the entire bike, so, last week I tore down the trials build, finished all welding , sandblasted/ grinded the chrome off and painted, went after all the little details on reassembly and couldnt be happier with the final result , just waiting on some paperwork to get it titled and my foot to heal so I can ride. Seat is installed so just one thumbscrew removes it in about 10 seconds , street electronics can be removed in about one minute.
  5. Good job Glynn !! kinda cool getting something for a trials bike for cheap eh?
  6. BTW, another example is the Magura Hydraulic clutch conversion kit for around $300 , I bought a chinese copy just to try it out for $50 shipped, works great, I am not advocating buying chinese stuff and try to buy from/support local shops, but I am on a limited budget and cant throw away $250 just to try something out. on the other hand I am sure this stuff wont last as long and the quality of the alloy is poor, but a seat for $22 verses $200 to $300?
  7. Plenty for sale on UK ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=pitbike%20seat&ssPageName=GSTL
  8. This is how things are going with my bike ( Same way I did the Techno) , I made a * mushroom* with a small spacer and plastic washer along with a longer screw for the mount on the front of the fender, then trimmed off all the protruding plastic from the seat base along with the rear mounting brackets, cut a * keyhole * in the appropriate location, I have to bend the seat base to get it to go on and the seat now snaps in place, it actually fits well enough that I probably dont need a mounting screw in the rear but I'll probably put one in anyway. So, one or two screws and it goes from trials to trail. Looks pretty good IMO and cost a total of $22 plus a couple screws.
  9. That seal doctor does look like a nicer unit, gonna have to get one. you have a cool website, lots of familiar pictures , I'm just down stream in Canon City
  10. So when I bought the 2006 TXT forks for my project bike I knew they had some nicks in the stanchions and the seals were leaking so I ordered a set of seals and with them came a " seal mate tool" ( figured it was a gimmick) , the seals on the forks were leaking bad enough that pumping them a couple times would leave oil film on the stanchions and after a trail ride there was oil down the leg and on the brake rotor. I used a " Lanski" knife sharpening kit which has small super fine stones and honed down the nicks and then just because I had it used the Seal mate tool to clean the seals, the amount of crud this tool removed is amazing and after following the info in this video I am shocked to find they no longer leak >> <<.I will change the seals and oil before assembling the bike for the final time but thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested , one thing for sure is I will use the tool occasionally to clean the seals on all my bikes.
  11. on the Beta I made a "keyhole" in the plastic base for the front and installed a raised screw in place of the screw for the front of the fender , then one screw from under the rear part of the fender into the seat base, so only one extra hole in the fender was required , havnt figured out how I am going to mount it on the supermini yet.
  12. You do have to do a bit of trimming of the plastic seat base and get creative on mounting it , I am presently working on doing the same for my Super mini build which will require relieving quite a bit more seat base than the Techno did, you will likely have to do the same on your TXT
  13. Pitbike seats can be purchased cheap and have a shape that makes them ( relatively) easy to fit >>http://www.ebay.com/itm/381211921247?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT. I put one on my Beta techno for mountain trail riding, its still pretty low compared to an MX bike or enduro but helped
  14. Thanks!! You sending the old tank along sure made it easier to make a mold for the new one, Much appreciated !!
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