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  1. brownee

    Extra Chain

  2. Wouldn't be able to see the logic in stopping a non team sport where social distancing can be maintained versus a team sport where the majority of the time its impossible to maintain social distancing...
  3. Seems like other countries are boxing on with organising trials again... certainly France anyway... seen a 3 day event is happening in August and they are taking entries. Wonder how long it will be before clubs start putting events on over here again......
  4. Just seen on facebook that Wirral Police have recovered a Mont 300 RR in case anyome reckons it could be theirs....
  5. brownee


    Cheers for the input. Iv decided to go Mitani.. weight saving and easier om the wallet!!
  6. brownee


    Sure it’s been asked before... Whats people’s views on the full termi versus mitani system... I’m edging towards mitani as I’ve been told it’s lighter and it has the cover which can be replaced if damaged whereas the termi doesn't. Cheers!
  7. Yea trials in Spain/France are different to over here. Generally speaking the events are fewer and far between and just simply a bigger event. More expensive to enter which therefore covers sausages and red wine at the half way point, tape to mark sections out and now that trialgo software that the Comas uses (and other stuff obvs) Be good to see trialgo being used a big events over here like Richmond 3 day, S3 rounds... etc.
  8. E Motion website seems a bit glitchy..... https://www.electric-motion.fr/glitch That bike looks like it has an exhaust!? ??
  9. Stand Moto in France have taken delivery of one maybe more....?? Price tag 6450 euro so 5700 to 5800 quidish. Ohlins on back and tech on the front by looks of it.
  10. Ride the jack wood trial which is part of the s3 championship... it’s with the Hillsborough mcc in march. Its the only 50 section one day event in the UK...that will be test for you but a cracking trial! The White Rose trial with the West Leeds club up in hawes is another great trial and the ALAN jefferies with Bradford club at halton gill! You def need to be having a pop at these before you enter the ssdt in my opinion... I’ve done the above a few times and hoping to get an entry in the ssdt next year. All in Yorkshire but..... well ya know propa trials like ;-)
  11. brownee

    Beta 240

    Beta 240 was a twinshock
  12. brownee


    Looking at new boots... Ive had 2 pairs of Formas and dont rate them... get what you pay for I guess. Got some Gaernes which were great but now pretty nakerd. Looking at Stylemartins or Sidis maybe.... any feed back? Could save a few quid with these or should I stick with with the Gaernes?? Cheers.
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