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  1. It is a plastic tank. Should I try to have it plastic welded? My intent was to try epoxy and if it didn't work I would buy a new tank. I really need a larger tank for trail riding.
  2. I have a small crack on the side of the tank.
  3. How much epoxy should I use to coat the inside of a 199 Sherpa tank?
  4. I called Hughes Bultaco and they said to ride the bike and change the gear box oil frequently. He was not familiar with the problem.
  5. 199 Enduro

    Extra Chain

    On my 199 Sherpa I have a Regina Extra chain. Is it a 520? I am looking to make it longer because I changed the counter shaft sprocket. Where can I get half links with cotter pins for this chain?
  6. The sprocket and case look normal. Sprocket teeth have normal wear.
  7. I removed the sprocket and the problem still exists. There are shoulders on both sides of the sprocket. To take off the sprocket I bent the washer straight and tapped the nut and the socket with the flat end of a small ball peen hammer. To my surprise when I put the socket and breaker bar on the nut it turned free with no effort. The chain wasn't even on. I was attempting to rock the sprocket back and forth at the bind hoping to loosen what ever is causing this problem. I am going to tighten the nut so I can rock the sprocket at the bind.
  8. Getting 32 mm socket this weekend.
  9. No, I have removed the chain.
  10. Yes, It rotates freely in both directions and binds in the same spot. I noticed this when I would roll the bike in neutral there would be momentary tension and then release on the chain. I will pull the sprocket tomorrow and let you know about the sprocket nut and shoulder.
  11. I have fresh gear oil in trans. The 199 sat for 24 years while I was working heavy hours. I did ride it last year a few miles. I wonder if changing the fluid every two rides will fix the problem. I would not want to damage the transmission by riding the bike.
  12. Turning the countershaft in neutral
  13. While turning the countershaft on my 199 by hand it stops turning once every revolution. If I turn it harder it will rotate. The transmission works as it should although the shifting is a bit notchy. What is the cause the sticky countershaft?
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