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  1. Hopefully someone comes up with a few good story's about the exhaust frame idea. Thanks for taking time to reply.
  2. The harmonics aswell. Bet they would have been interesting to clean out. Its something I've not come across before so I'm interested in the story and the thinking/ theory behind the idea.
  3. You can't leave it like that! Where can I find more out about this bike?
  4. Was the std evo you got the shock off a 2015 bike?
  5. martinsyderob

    Rear shock

    Hi. Just got a 2016 evo factory, my old 2010 has an ohlins rear shock. Will this swap over to the 2016? I thought I'd ask rather than get both in bits and find out it's not compatible. Thanks rob
  6. Good to see people still like the old stuff, im 32 and like my old Bikes, had a flat tanker up until last year and still got my first bantam from when I was 8 years old. I still ride my dads super rocket and model 18 when I get the chance. my friends like the older stuff but the price of the run of the mill stuff is getting stupid now and with buying a house ect there out of reach for most younger people. As for trials I've got a 2010 beta but don't ride it much now as there is very little places to practice and don't enjoy entering a trial as I can't get good enough due to the above problem, so fancied a pre 65 to go to the peak classic events where the going isn't as tough. We ride a bit of enduro now as there are more places opening for practice days and I'm sure if trials opened up more like this the sport would grow, everyone who comes round and has a little play on the rear garden loves it but won't buy one as there is no where to go unless you enter a trial. Just my thought and I'm probably wrong but I do like a good moan! Rob.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I went over to take a look today but they weren't what I was after. Sorry for the lack of info earlier but that's all I had. I asked and you answered well with 3-4K the same I guess if you want a genuine gold star you ain't going with 5k thanks again for taking the time to reply. Rob
  8. Morning all, im jumping on this thread to ask about a couple of bikes I've half been offered. All I know at the moment is they are a pair of dot's I assume villers engine and they are in good condition, I would be looking to keep one and move the other along but no idea how much I should be offering as I don't want to do the guy over nor do I want to pay to much. i know it's hard with out pictures but what should I be looking at? £1500-£2000 each or more? Basicly all I'm asking is a rough price for a dot in average condition. Thanks Rob
  9. How about a thread on "how to gain practice areas" as this seems to be an issue in getting new riders in to the sport?
  10. Apparently it will be launched at the dirt bike show in October.
  11. The Only way I can see is for more practice areas been made available. Most enduro/road riders I know don't do trials as there is a lack of places to ride other than organised trials. I know this is difficult and I don't know the answer to making more available but until people have a variety of areas to use there bike they won't be so keen to go out and spend there money on a bike they can't really use. Just my opinion.
  12. Listen for a loud exhaust as they are difficult to repack and expensive to buy. Frame can split/crack above radiator. Rear shock was diffrent I think and graphics. Not sure but got it in my head that carb was diffrent as well?
  13. Hay up Dave, I'm only down road from you and just getting back in to it. Will be at Hawks nest mid week soon if you fancy a day out?
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