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  1. Diameter is 35mm but not sure of the pitch of the thread.
  2. Can confirm In Motion stanchions are as good as original, fitted a pair to my 198B rebuild.
  3. Cut open front pipe, fit new perforated pipe and make up collar to centralise perf, repack and rivet end back on for easy removal to repack in the future.
  4. Yes the clamps are from Gerry Minshall.
  5. Managed to upload a couple of pictures from today, this is my totally rebuilt Fantic 240.
  6. Cheers Alan, Fantic is done as well but not got a photo on this computer to stick up yet.
  7. My newly refreshed Honda RS200T, frame stripped foot peg modification, powder coated, new alloy top and bottom yolks, new exhaust, new rear shocks, new wheel rims, stainless spokes and new tyres, bars, levers and titanium foot pegs.
  8. Hi guy's, any one know what size the front wheel spindle nut is? Lost it and need one asap. Thanks John.
  9. Halfords engine silver seems to match.
  10. 2004 had chrome frame, Black frame 2006 onwards I am sure.
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