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  1. Hi, this is not a problem to solve, you just add a coil and a voltage regulation (gasgas for my bike) Kcnarf. Ps: i'm very surprised that on a large forum than nobody gives the answer
  2. U.R.S from Helmut Fath, Trident factoty and RC 166 of course Franck.
  3. Hi Joe, you started a crazy job....amazing Franck.
  4. panerai

    1989 Honda Rtl250

    Hi Joe, "good start", you have to correct small details but BRAVO !! Franck. Ps: this weekend in the Cévennes
  5. here : ) http://www.retrotrials.com/honda-rtl-parts-list.html
  6. Your mufflers are really beautiful, 100% bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Franck.
  7. there is also Ohlins : Franck. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/CAGIVA-WMX-125-190-250-1983-1984-Gommini-Ohlins-Ohlins-rubbers-/162029502293?hash=item25b9b5ff55:g:ab8AAMXQSnVRba8o
  8. On RTLs, the silencer "take" a very very huge temperature...no lacquer does support it i think Kcnarf.
  9. long saga isn't it ? Kcnarf.
  10. I have my idea on the solution...we talk to Telford Kcnarf.
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