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  1. Hillary I have obviously hit a raw nerve , and I take on board all of your comments re "What ACU does on behalf of trials in negotiations with third parties" however you miss the point that an opportunity like SPOTY would have been great to show case the sport given the current world class standings of our Women trials riders .., Oh and by the way the negotiating done by ACU is no different to that of any other govering body in a given sport and all sports have people dedicated to helping events take place for zero monetary return so trials is not unique in that respect .. I reiterate that perhaps going forward ACU can negotiate with the BBC to include trials if we produce world champions again in 2016
  2. Sitting watching the sports personality of the year annual show and not one mention of the achievements of our ladies in trials on the world stage . Emma Bristow Ladies world champion and our ladies winning the Trials des Nations again .. ACU pull your finger out and raise the profile of our sport , as the governing body it falls as part of your mandate to promote and raise awareness of the sport of Trials and what better platform than this programme, let's see if the ACU can do better next year !!!!
  3. spike123

    V-Force Reeds

    If you want V force reeds sxs extreme stock them Give Steve a call I purchased some from him last week .
  4. I have found it best way to start on the hot start is to kick it with a smidge of throttle 3 times if no joy I then used to give it full throttle open and kick it and started every time
  5. Thanks For the replies guys will check out all your possible causes over the coming days
  6. My daughters 2010 Beta 80 has intermittent fault which appears occasionally when engine is reving ,normally on climbs it momentarily cuts out then runs fine for another 5/10 mins and fault appears again when engine under power as if it's a misfire ,I,ve tried disconnecting kill switch and replacing spark plug ,to no avail ....Any ideas on this problem would be appreciated if anybody out there has experienced similar problem with beta 80...Many thanks
  7. Anybody know if the 2011 TdN is going to be televised on Eurosport ??
  8. Anybody know what's happened to wiggy as he wasn't at last couple of BTC or last world round ???
  9. spike123

    EVO 4T 300 2011

    Had the same issue on my Evo 4t 300 and put a larger rear sprocket on 44tooth from the original 42 and it made all the difference in tight slow turns.
  10. Hi Spike ,meet you at Guernsey 2 day earlier this year ,give us your e mail address and will forward you the jersey regs for Nov... Regards Garry Beardshall
  11. Have you tried Specsavers??????
  12. My son is 9 and rides the Beta evo 80 junior its medium wheel the frame is identical to tthe REV 50 in size , he is of average size and my 10 year old daughter also rides the same bike and this should last them a good couple of years .As for the issue of the ACU it would make sense if they kept up to speed with what the manufactures are now producing as it is not possible to purchase new a geared 50cc bike to compete in medium wheel Youth D .I have written to the ACU to highlight this and suprise suprise have had no response.
  13. Anyone thinking of going to the annual classic and modern 2 day trial on March 6/7th in Jersey(details on trial central calender) ,call Graham de Feu 07797717635 as just heard he,s secured heavily discounted ferry and hotel costs..
  14. Many thanks rlracer for your advice i will give it a go...Happy New Year to you
  15. geebee if you have any other useless input keep it to yourself !!!! wastes everbodys time!!! intial post amended
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