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  1. Many thanks for info, bearing is ok. I might try and get the fan back off to get some aroldite on the shaft. Cheers
  2. Anyone know if the fan is just a push fit onto the motor? it came off yesterday during a trial. The motor works fine and I've pushed the fan back on the shaft and all OK but I'm guessing it will only come off again when riding although I cant get it back off the shaft now (vibration, knocks etc.) any info much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for responses very useful, updated profile also (SE England). I think him dominating the Rev 50 for a while maybe the way to go especially since it will be his first geared bike.
  4. First post for me... I know this kind of question turns up fairly often and I've read through the similar questions on the forum, but my Son is new to trials; ridden probably 5 times (2 local trials with me) and currently has a Beta minitrial (do not seem to get that good a rep on the board but it has done him well for the short period he has had it since he now has confidence in his balance and braking skills to some extent without the confusion of bringing a clutch into the situation). However after the short intro on this bike (he is 9, average size) I think progress to a manual bike with more power is required, the auto minitrial is limited on some of the hills. The question is buy a Rev 50 or 80? is the 80 too big? He's sat on a 50 and looks about ok but is an 80 that much bigger? and heavier? I havn't seen an 80 recently or managed to get him to sit on one so not sure about it. Looking at the specs only suggest not much difference in weight or seat height. Opinions welcome if anyone has been in the same situation. Don't want to get a 50 now and in 6 months be looking for an 80, it will be the minitrial all over again, but maybe price is holding on the rev 50 & 80 anyway so what ever I buy will sell on anyway and not make much of a loss. all the best, Adrian
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