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  1. Can someone please tell me how you tell whether a "new 300RR" is a 2017 model or a 2018 model (not year of manufacture as 2018 bikes will be assembled in late 2017, just as all the manufacturers do) - what do you look for on the frame number to distinguish between the years?? I have been looking at some ebay ads for new Montesa 300RRs and there are some pretty dubious sales descriptions out there... for example (no names or finger pointing...): There are two internet adverts saying "New model Montesa 300RR 2018" and then in the sub-text it one says (under the year of manufacture) that it is 2017 and the other 2018. When you look at accompanying pictures the two bikes have different front mudguards (red or black) and the logo on the frame/silencer guard is different (either three lines or part of the M for Montesa logo). It appears to me that some people are masquerading 2017 bikes as 2018 bikes... yet still charging full whack at £7,599 All advice gratefully received... (Maybe I should just wait until 2019 ones come out...)
  2. What a farce... the alleged "no-stop" world championship rules are NEVER enforced, yet for some freaky reason, an observer suddenly remembers that it is meant to be no-stop... so he docks Billy a "5" and then conveniently returns to normal mode and lets others stop... pathetic! Just watch Bou... he "stops" as often as any rider yet he is given special treatment and never gets docked a "5" for blatant halts and even reverses!!. Furthermore, in Japan this weekend, his minder was clearly seen pouring water onto a muddy rock to wash it off so "the special one" can gain an advantage though the section. That is called tampering and altering a section... in simple language, it is cheating. WTF is someone as good as Bou doing/sanctioning (and Honda!!)?? Perhaps in Andorra his minder will be equipped with a bucket of tarmac or two so that Toni can have an easy passage there as well if its a bit too loose and dusty for "the special one". Toni has all the ability... lets see it without the use of assistance.
  3. One of the news items this week has drawn attention to the old problem of illegal practising on land/sections used for the SSDT. This jeopardises the event and the Club are rightly concerned about. Once again, the selfish few threaten the enjoyment of thousands (riders and spectators on holidays). Surely it can't be too difficult to scare off/catch the perpetrators?? They must be locals (Lochaber area or slightly beyond) because nobody is going to drive from even the North of England to do this, let alone those from south of Birmingham...!
  4. Really pleased for Brown - he's had a torrid time after that knee injury, so great he should push his best mate so close. As for police activity, I've no sympathy for those who had their bikes impounded by them - if they weren't legal, they need dealing with. Law abiding folk pay large sums of £s to get their bikes registered (VAT paid - unlike those riding around on a "grey" import...), taxed, MOT'd and insured. Why some people feel they are above that is beyond me. Parking - the Club have a big enough job on their hands organising the event so for them to marshal parking is unreasonable. The spectators and "pit crews" need to get a grip and not be so bl**dy selfish - they will be the ones that lead to land being lost or the police eventually intervening and restricting access on the roads. or worse still, denying permissions for roads to be used. The problem is that, for some, the words "being considerate" are not in their vocabulary...
  5. Hi midlife I am not picking an argument here, and I do understand the angle you are coming from, but the trial is intended to be a competition - and for all ages/abilities. You ride according to the rules and you do everything you can to compete and complete the world's greatest trial. I rode last year (and finished) and the flaw in your point is that I saw plenty of first timer young riders asking for 5's too - it is not just the old brigade as someone else indicated. If you take the ageist angle to weed out low-level ability people who are perceived as being those over 40 years old, you cannot discriminate so, you can wave goodbye to some big names alongside the unheard-of riders - notable over 40 riders to say goodbye to this year will include Dougie Lampkin (40 years old now) John Shirt, Nigel Birkett, Thierry Michaud, Eddy Lejeune, Adam Norris, Scott Cameron, Phil Alderson, et al? Of course you will then say "Oh no, the big names can stay in..." - which is discrimination - so then you are faced with some sort of selection process - Experts only? Experts and Intermediates only? It won't work - also, too many young (under 30 yr olds) riders just aren't interested in road trials... Furthermore, are you going to exclude all the entries of our foreign friends? The Japanese, French, Spanish and many other nationality entrants...? Many of them have only seen videos, Youtube clips, heard folklore or read reports about the event. It is a huge eye-opener for some of them and they too ask for 5's occasionally as they have simply never seen sections like it!. The trial is international - another huge factor contributing the event's aura - are you going to ban them too unless they can prove they are good enough and not going to bottle it at a couple of sections? Perhaps you also rode last year? On the Tuesday in particular, people were desperately trying to get to the finish without getting excluded on time - it was starting to resemble an enduro in places. I saw four shell-shocked riders ask for 5's in the whole group on the Clunes Forest moor crossing, and frankly - who could blame them? They had probably forked out well over £1,000 each to get themselves to that event: book the accommodation, travel up, pay for fuel, meals, new kit, tyres, pay the entry fee, etc. If they were there with the family too, it was probably over £2,000. If that was you, would you say to yourself, parked behind five others waiting to go into sub 1, "No... I am going to sit here in the queue, waste more time, crash in all four sections (5's), risk doing a load of damage to the bike and then press on - it doesn't matter if I get excluded - at least I can say I tried to ride every section!!" - Gallant perhaps, but also pretty dumb when you get in on Wednesday morning and see a diagonal red line across your number plate (signifying "Excluded - ride on a no-award basis from now on") The Supplementary Regs state what is and isn't allowed and observers make a note of who asked for a 5 - the Club then assess if a particular section was too hard for a chunk of the entry and use that to improve the trial in future years or other such debates We are all disappointed if we get balloted out in early January - that is a fact of life associated with the SSDT. One just lives with it, gets over it and re-applies the following year. We certainly shouldn't begrudge people who are entitled to enter (according to the entry form regulations) and are fortunate enough to get to the start line in May.
  6. Well... good start to the year for this series... NOT! Just seen ACU have published "2016 Standing Regulations" for the series on their website (notified by their email too) and then open it up to see it is a copy of the 2015 regs. So, you ask, what is wrong with that? Answer - it is not what the Nene Valley and Colchester Castle clubs appear to have been told about. Nene have three champ classes (as they were instructed) of o40, O50 & O60 + a.n.other non-champ class. Meanwhile, Colchester are running 6 classes inc. Pre65, T/Shock, O40, O50 & O60 plus non-champ. Who is right? Surely ACU should be publishing the right championship standing regs - if so, tell the clubs coz there are two rounds of supplementary regs and they do not tally with what classes the ACU says should be provided!!!! The word "shambles" springs to mind...
  7. Crikey - that was quick!! When will the applicants find out if they made it into the entry or not?
  8. Hi Dan Bikes: What you get will depend on available budget... if you have up to £1,000 available you will be looking at a late '90s or early 2000s bike - something like a Montesa 315 (2 stroke 250cc) or a Beta Rev 3 (also 2 stroke but available as either a 200cc or 250cc - don't go for a 270cc as the power will get a beginner in all sorts of bother). Gas Gas and Sherco also do 200 and 250cc models but my preference would be Montesa (Honda engine and utterly reliable + great build quality). Check for wear in the rear suspension linkage whatever you look at as this area of the bike can be expensive to refurbish (bearings, seals, bushings, etc.). If you have £1,000 - £2,000 you will be looking at late 2000s models of the above and possibly even next range up of Beta Evo bikes, Sherco and Gas Gas Riding gear: Wulfsport do a good range that is not as expensive as the Hebo or Clice ranges. Boots: take your pick - Gaerne are probably the best (I will now be shot down for stating them as probably the best!!). Slightly cheaper but very good are Stylmartin or Forma or GAR - approx. £140 for a pair Helmet: Nau used to be good value for money. Hebo do some nicely styled and sensibly priced ones. The top-end ones are Jitsie or Airoh (here come those bullets again...) I know we are not meant to favour a particular outlet but there is a shop near Stroud that is run by trials enthusiasts for trials in particular (anagram = TOMB MOV. I also note that they are trialscentral.com site sponsors - top banner usually) and they can help you with riding kit, spares, etc. Check them out - they are the closest specialist to you I think. Getting riding: Well, you probably need to join a Club so you can get tips and find somewhere to practise - legally... Redditch MCC is a great local club to you with really good guys that encourage new riders - not sure what practising areas they have though. Another one a bit further south is Zona 1 MCC - they are based around Gloucester which is a bit of a journey. however the best thing is that they have their own patch of land at a place called Birdlip just off the A419. This is run by them and as a member you can get regular access to this site by paying a subscription in addition to your club membership. Malvern and Storridge clubs are also near you so you could check them out too. Most clubs have websites nowadays. The Western Centre covers your area and there are plenty of events that they run, with courses tailored to provide for every ability and skill level. Hope this helps you get started
  9. Thanks jimmyl What a shame - I couldn't get to Merthyr last Sunday after all and Barrie Mc had told me what a good lap to expect - I consoled myself by thinking "Never mind, I'll go to the Welsh Experts instead". Did you go to Merthyr? What was the terrain like - Barrie said it was a good mix with a 4 to 5 mile lap on a venue not used for a while... Hope to see you in the New Year at a Neath or Dulais Valley event. dmc - thanks for the information too.
  10. I know that the Welsh Experts is scheduled for this weekend but I cannot find any details about the venue, or regs, etc. HELP!!!
  11. ""Stop this guy at the border and draw and quarter him. Are you bringing Lizzy with you from Bucky Palace"" You've got it wrong there bIllyt (or shouldn't it be williamyt??)... 1. It's "Buck Pal" not "Bucky Palace" 2. Border? What border? You had your chance to establish a border last September 2014... less said about that the better I guess :-) 3. Lastly, can you please hang me before you do the draw and quarter bit please - I just can't tolerate pain All in jest naturally... I know you guys love a condescending Englishman - don't you??
  12. As posted just the other day, not much SSDT banter on here (yet...!). So, just to put that right... Anyone heard what level of support the various importers are getting/providing in Fort Bill this year? Factory trucks a-plenty? Intrigued to know as plenty of people will be keen to know what they have to got to sort for themselves if no importer/factory support is forthcoming from any particular marque (or not).
  13. I haven't seen the footage but it does seem daft that the whole Championship has become so farcical. Bou is unstoppable and his loss to Raga was merely a blip - changing the format of the competition (no sumping, mega-tight time limits such that it becomes a race, etc.) is not doing the event any favours and is not going to stop Bou dominating... he is just SO good he will win 99% of the time no matter what format you use. I agree 100% with telecat... It is time to return to a sensible format where all riders have a chance of getting through at least 50-60% of the sections without being timed-out and entertaining the crowd. Crash crash crash is not entertainment. So come on FIM - get your heads out of the clouds (being polite here!!) and put on the sort of championship that is competitive because at the moment it is little more than 2 or 3 blokes doing exhibition stuff with 4 or 5 bystanders.
  14. Just heard Jim Teague of South Shropshire MCC on the Radio 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime Show doing "The Friday Fixture" - where a minority sport gets aired by an enthusiastic participant.... Jim- you did a fantastic job mate!!! Clear, precise and succinct... I reckon we might well see Matt having a go as he was well interested. Well done Jim... the new publicist for motorcycle trials!!
  15. dmc, without wishing to sound flippant, i suggest you bin the idea of a conventional length pedal - even a pattern one will catch the next tree stump lurking in the section and you'll be splasing the cash again and again My advice is that you contact M Sport or H and R Racing and get one of the special shorty versions each of them produce. Yes, they do cost £100+ but I bet you never break another pedal. I've had one on my 08 4RT since 2008 and we've squeezed through the tightest of stump laden and rock ridged sections together - and not once has the pedal touched a thing. Money well spent IMHO...
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