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  1. 250 or 300

    As above really, all depends on ability and how comfortable he feels on a 300. Ideally have a go on both and see how he feels. My old 15 300 Evo was great fun, but in all honestly didn't do my riding any good and would happily bite even when softened off, you can slow the power down with low comp head, base gasket changes, slow throttle, smooth it with a flywheel weight etc (if pre-15 i think) but all takes money and time I guess. Jumped back on a 250, albeit a Gas Gas and I'm still a terrible rider but alot happier and will be sticking to 250s for the foreseeable future. In 95% of sections i come across at club level a 125 is fine and easier in a lot - for the record I'm 13st and I've known guys nearer the 15st have a lot of fun on smaller bikes, even 80s. Just the odd longer loop or bank where being able to pull 3/4th makes life easier, a better rider wouldn't have a problem at club level and at 10st I wouldn't write off a go on a 125, or maybe for a few months/until a 250 turns up?

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    2017 TXT PRO E4 (11 months old) Good condition for age, few marks as expected for a trials bike. Runs and rides spot on, racing model so comes with Tech forks Reiger rear shock. The bike has had an easy life and has been very well maintained, all receipts and a ride/service record have been kept since I have owned the bike. Gearbox oil every 3 rides, air filter cleaned every ride. Dog bone bearings changed, all fluids, front pads, rear tyre approximately 4 months old, fresh sticker set a couple of months ago, ready to ride/trial, I was intending to keep the bike in to next year but the chance to upgrade to an 18 has arisen so unfortunately needs to go to make room. Any questions or additional information/photos please get in touch. Thanks

    3,950.00 GBP

  3. Beta Evo 250 2011 coolant bleed procedure

    Yup your right, they will spit some out but only when up to pressure. Maybe if you get an air lock or pump cavitates it will just loose coolant as there won’t be much flow? Everyone has their own way, but I’ve not had an issue yet with filling up level, squeezing hoses then lifting the front up and topping up and repeating a few times until I’ve drank a brew or two, I suspect rushing is half the problem. Just check the level when I ride it next for peace of mind more than anything
  4. Beta Evo 250 2011 coolant bleed procedure

    I don’t think the 11 has a bleed screw, I remember my 15 having one in the top of the head? Just give the hoses a good squeeze, and fill steady. Lift the front wheel up so the filler neck is as as close to vertical as you can get it, top up again and repeat squeezing hoses. Have a feeling there is something in the manual about lifting the front wheel when filling coolant, have a look on beta website you can download manuals for free there. Just keep and eye on the coolant when you first ride it, they will spit a bit until a level is found.
  5. Hi all

    Hi Kev, there is a trials club in redditch so probably a good place to start, there are quite a few local clubs in your area. There are a few local venues to practice at as well when you get started, a lot of people use Shatterford - birchwood farm button oak. 👍🏻
  6. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    I think the 250 4 stroke would be fine to get going on, I've stuck to 2ts but mainly because I have fond memories of 125/250 2 strokes when i started out on road bikes. 125s are more than capable for the majority of club riders, I have ridden a couple and they are great fun. I have been riding trials for a couple of years and if I was to start again I would go with a 125 for a while to get used to the technique etc then if its lacking in power step up to a 250 which, in my opinion is all 90% of riders will ever need. From my own relatively new experiences of trials, I started out on a 04 250 txt pro then for reasons unknown stepped up to a 300 2t evo, fitted the obligatory flywheel weight and slow throttle and it was a great bike, much fun mucking about with your mates. When it came to riding a trial super low speed stuff was not really the issue, or really slippy stuff when you could just use the torque and chug in a high gear. But in sections where you need to keep speed/hold a line and/or be a bit aggressive - rocky stream beds was a favourite particularly with a bank out with plenty of grip a bike length up it (mixed with novice throttle and clutch control) it had an amazing ability to sneak up on you and bite, hilarious for your mates watching! Recently swapped back to a 250 gas gas and from the first couple of rides I cant see me ever going back to a 300, the 250 is just more manageable for my level of riding. I just cant see me ever hitting any obstacle big enough to need any extra power.
  7. Where are all the entries????

    Took my test again a few years ago and I would say £700 is about right including CBT theory test hiring a suitable bike for the test. I got away with a days tuition and a few hours before both my tests. I’m unsure if an A2 license would suffice for a trials bike as apposed to a full license? Either way it’s a big commitment for anyone, plus tax, mot, insurance etc. 700 would pay for a lot of trials and practice days. A lot of the people I ride with took up trials to avoid riding on the road and have a bit of a laugh safe in the knowledge all your mates will make it home at the end of the day, and ultimately you don’t need to compete in a trial every weekend to have a laugh and drink tea with your mates. Maybe it’s due to the average age of trials riders in the uk being higher than other sports people are less bothered about competing and more about having fun in their limited spare time outside of life commitments. I guess the challenge would be to persuade these people sat on the fence to do a few more trials and up the numbers a bit. I don’t think there is one simple answer, makes for an interesting debate though!
  8. Best u.k training? Trainer?

    I’m based in the midlands myself and and personally I can’t recommend Stu Day highly enough. I’ve been to his schools and very recently a one and one day with him. The key thing with Stu is he’s a nice bloke and is particularly good at passing on his knowledge to all levels of rider. I agree with madmostin, his attitude and enthusiasm is infectious and makes for a good day out.
  9. Beta evo 250 , 2012-3 ???

    I am sure there a good and bad of all bikes but from what I have seen not a lot goes wrong with evo’s, they are a popular club bike for that reason. Other bikes may ride nicer but a club level I’d say it’s still better than most riders out there. I know guys who run evo’s from 09 to 16 in pretty much all engine sizes. I run a 15 300(would be a 250 next time). I can’t remember anyone having any major issues other than wear and tear or lack of maintanece, maybe a set of mains or a piston in the older bikes, water pump kit, and consumables. Generally they are pretty robust and will take a fair bit of abuse, I would say more so than gasser and shercos of a similar vintage. 13 has the newer frame so is pretty much the same as all the later models, stator and flywheel changes came in about 15 I think. Just do the usual checks, does it look generally battered or just wear and tear, betas generally start well, ask the usual questions about gearbox oil, premix etc, check linkeages for free play, notchiness in bearings, pads, clutches can be snappy but there is a fix, fork seals etc. Rear mudguards aren’t cheap to replace, rear brakes can be a pain to bleed on some bikes. Mapping switch can be broken off easily, most are cable tied back on-a few people move them out of harms way, myself included. Some people keep receipts and a maintanence record - If your lucky it may have some history. If your ok with the spanners give it a full go over before you ride so you know where your starting from, I would do that for any trials bike though. Having said all that I am contemplating selling and going to a gasser for no reason than I fancy a change
  10. Last couple I rode in usually gets going around 10:30, hopefully be there on Sunday
  11. Help Please! Bike Problems

    In all the recent goings on forgot to update this. In the end things got sorted out. Ended up with a txt pro, albeit it did pop the thermostat second ride but such is life! Either way I'm out doing some falling off again. Thanks all for the help, much appreciated ☺
  12. Help Please! Bike Problems

    Thanks for all the help and advice so far. The bike is heading back to the dealer, so I guess I will just go from there.
  13. Help Please! Bike Problems

    Ha ha, I can live with a missing torch. I wont stop riding, I am sure there will be a few more hiccups along the way! Could be worse, could of got home and locked your keys in the van as well...
  14. Help Please! Bike Problems

    Thanks, I thought 05 onwards changed to black forks. At the very least it's an 06 with 04 or earlier forks on it then. Found the original add that was online and it's advertised as an 05. My receipt is an 06.
  15. Help Please! Bike Problems

    Oh ok. Something I didn't know.. Thanks for the advice. I think it's only fair to speak to the dealer first and go from there. If needs be in guess that will be the way to start things. If not a a big hole or a match may have the desired effect!