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  1. Cheers grey, used a socket on it to tighten up slightly and like u said it was hand tight, fingers crossed it will be good for a few more hours and il get it changed then. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, have a very very minor oil leak on beta evo sight glass, would like to replace it as they are very cheap anyway. Am I right in saying the glass will come out with a spanner or socket (I know that’s the shape of the glass). Any tips not to damage new glass?
  3. So iv bypassed the thermostat now and the fan is working perfectly. So that would obviously mate it a thermostat issue correct?
  4. Hi guys. I have a fan issue now. Iv checked fan with 12v battery that’s ok. thermostate switch is working as it’s sending power through to the fan supply cable, however I’m only getting 10volts on multimeter from that cable. Is that enough to supply the fan?.checked cable connections they look ok. Again lack of use causes problems. water pump is working correctly all air has been remover from system. How do I bypass to make the fan run continually. At least I can ride. Cheers
  5. SOLVED! Hi guys just an update. I have now fixed the problem. So as advised by others there was way too much fuel in barrel so I removed the plug, dried it and warmed It up lightly with a blow lamp. I turned off the petrol with choke on. With the warmed plug in place I kicked the bike and it fired and then stopped, I repeated this 5 times. On the fifth time I give a little throttle with petrol still off, It started to run a little rough for about 20 seconds. I then turned petrol back on and chock off holding the throttle open slightly and it was ticking over as it should. I took it then for a little run and all seems well. Bike is sounding sweet again Thanks all for the help and advise, hope this helps others in future.
  6. Hi guys, went to go out on the bike today. Haven’t started it in 2 weeks, I turned on the petrol tap and fuel p****d out of the overflow. Advise from a friend told me to lightly tap the carb as the float may be stuck. After tapping It the petrol stopped. I tried to kick it multiple times and nothing. i let it settle for a couple of hour but still no joy. There is a tidy spark and fuel is getting through as the plug is wet when I inspected. Any advice?
  7. Yeah that's the sort of thing mate. Any major refurbs or upgrade guys please video and post ??
  8. Hi guys. As iv said from previous post, I'm new to trials. Iv looked on YouTube and there is a lack of videos on maintence to trials bike. I mean linkage, water pump and changing of various bearings. I know there a lot of people on here with a lot of experience, so please share. If you carry out any maintenance, please record and post. Cheers
  9. Great, that's what I wanted to hear, cheers dabba
  10. Hi guys with the beta Rev 3 there was an issue with the porous clutch and water pump case, as iv seen lots on this site. do the beta evo still suffer from this issue, where oil and coolant mix?
  11. The coolant filler cap also has a breather vent pipe on top to, at the highest point, when coolant is being pumped around surly the air will find its way to the top. Correct?
  12. Cheers Dan, I was just afraid there would be an air lock and the bike would over heat?
  13. Hi guys. Just bought a 2nd beta evo. I'm doing all the usual basic changes oil, filter plug etc. I need to change the coolant as it is dirty, Was wondering where you can't bleed the cooling system from? Pictures would be great. Hope u can help ?
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