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  1. After a tubeless Michelin or Dunlop, any deals on anywhere or is around 100 quid the going rate? Mine isnt worn but has gone hard and hardly any sidewall flex over 2psi ?
  2. The stickers on my 06 rev3 a due for replacement and I have seen a couple of custom sets that would make it look a bit different. Does anyone have any recommendations for who to buy from..?
  3. Yeah thats it.. about 10ft or more onto his hands. He still managed to wave to the crowd as he was taken for medical help.
  4. Started work today doing the few bits I know need attention, got my first trial in a long time on the 4th feb so that will showup any more issues. I need to sort the carb to stop the common leaking issue, info on TC was helpful.
  5. Just watched this again...ridiculous the level of potential injury from one mistake, how did they get away with it? I Remember watching it when it was on originally. I was at Sheffield when Kuroyama had that accident..horrible to watch.
  6. Whats the link.. I guess trials or do you do other things to get out of work ? Never worked for me as trials are at weekends ?
  7. Good plan..I had the oil water mix problem on my old Techno years ago. Coolant and oil are clean and no sign of emulsion.
  8. Interesting read..I will be sorting my carb issue this weekend as per the PDF ?
  9. Just got back into trials and picked up a tidy 06 Rev3 270 whick looks to have had an easy life. Im planning on a strip and reassembly replacing fluids, bushes, bearings and seals where needed. Stickers are ok but will replace them during the rebuild. Other than cleaning the stator housing and sealing the cable rubber are there any other top tips to do to improve things? Cheers ?
  10. Hi, surprised my account was still active its been a while ? I decided after 12 years away from trials it was time to get back on a bike. My last trial was in 2006 and sold my Beta back in 2007 due to divorce and a massive change in my life, needed to free up cash. Im in Lincolnshire and used to be in the RAFMSA, now a civvy so joining the North Lincs Club at their next trial which Im planning to ride. With help from my dad we managed to get a 2006 Rev3 270 and still had my riding gear other than boots and helmet, sorted those now..cant wait to ride again ?
  11. Thinking of getting a 2001 (I think) Rev3, Dark red plastics not the orangey ones like the '04, does that sound right for the year? I know the water pump lining comes off and gets water in the oil but I have heard about Stator problems, is that just newer ones or across the whole run of them. Are there any other faults with them, I know there could be anything up with it but after common ones that happen. Its in fairly good condition, still has lights and bar switches, bash plate isnt badly damaged so it may have had either a good rider or not been used that much. Road reg'd but not MOT'd at the moment. Overall condition looks ok, has the wrong front mudguard and the rear is badly scuffed but not broken, front brake is rubbish plus a few bits need doing to get it 100% Bottom line, how much...is it worth a Grand?
  12. Any idea on where to connect the kill switch, I need to fit one to mine too on my 98
  13. After a bit of trial an error I managed to get the old girl feeling better. Just after a bit of info about the setup of the suspension as I dont have the instruction book for them. I assume the left fork with the allen bolt is spring preload while the other with thte small knurled nut is for damping. Which way do you turn the hand one as it doesnt seem to make any difference at either end of adjustment. Also for the first time I managed to adjust the damping on the rear, it has always felt really bouncy and has had a tendancy to kick back, I found it was wound all the way to the top, assuming that is the no damping position as I changed it to the other end with a bit of fettling as it was seized, I tried it at both extremes and its much better now wound about half way. First time I have played with it but it seems better, any other advise that may help me (apart from get a newer bike )
  14. Cheers for the Advise.. I tried the Forma boots on and they were ok until you bent your ankle, then they creased and dug in so they were out for starters.. I tried the Sidi ones, comfy but looked it bit too Moto-x for my liking and didnt have my size Next came the Gaerne, getting too expensive, tried them on and they were like fur lined slippers... I bought them, I got the brand new style 'Balance' in brown and white, been and test ridden them and they are great... Looking forward to The Tomchraskey now, comfy boots at last!!!
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