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  1. I used the link below to purchase a dating letter for a 83 Honda I’ve just finished, Dvla had no issues with it and registered my bike first time https://www.vjmc.com/classic-motorcycle-dating-service-a.html
  2. Hi Zac, try this it may help, photo of wiring diagram cheers
  3. Hi Dan try this link, it’s a free download for the workshop manual, I used it for mine, page 8 has a full wiring diagram https://www.custgp.com/a1manual2/Honda TL125-TLR200 Workshop Manual.pdf good luck Gary
  4. Hi Dan, if you are going to trial the bike, it’s very simple, you only need the following black with red band from alternator to the cdi unit The two wires from the pick up to the cdi unit, green and a blue/yellow from memory Black and green wire from cdi to ignition coil Black/white and green from cdi to stop switch if you are re powder coating frame I found it better to earth the cdi unit to the engine rather than the frame as the grounding is only for the engine, the green wire from cdi, doing this avoids any bad ground due to the powder coating the white red is the neutral switch again not needed if you trialing the bike colin at Tyoffroad has an updated cdi unit which works very well, this is a link to his site for these, don’t be alarmed at the price when they are back in stock they are not this price, he does get them in stock quite regular, they also come with very easy to follow instructions, by the way I have no link to Colin’s business just used his products in the past and found them very good https://www.tyoffroad.co.uk/store/p283/CDI_UNIT_FOR_HONDA_TLR200_TLR250_RTL250_(REF.H079).html hope this sort of helps Gary
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