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  1. I already had it for a while, but long waiting for parts and a broken CDI unit kept it from running. Now that it's running i am as proud as a monkey with 4 reproduce tools 😀 Hope they will add an extra pre90 class in classic trial.
  2. We have several bikes at home, so I can spend some time on them. Beta 2007 250 4stroke : I do not like this bike, forced myself to get used, but still not like it. The power is the hardest to control of all bikes, heavy and lump. Beta 2012 125 : i really like this bike, light and easy, but getting more experienced quite difficult due to shortage of power. Also very picky with the gears. When power is not really needed it is a very pleasant bike. 2016 Vertigo Combat 300 : if it runs I absolutely love it, the power makes things easy, however it is absolutely not agressive or anything like that. Because it responds so wel on the throttle it makes things easy, gives me trust. If u want to learn trials I would not walk away from a 300.
  3. Update : The problem on running lean was quite simple after all. With adjusting the TPS, u can adjust the mixture. It's just like fiddling with jets 😅. I have not found a solution to set the TPS the way it should with software as reading the ECU seems impossible. The bike is now starting acceptable, but I still think it is not how it should be. It also is not complete free from knocking. However I am done with the problems and will replace most fuel related parts....
  4. If u know how loose bearings come on a hot engine u also understand why water-cooled is better. And that's beside all other advantages. Doing trials and complain about gas prices ? 😅 I am new in trials, but 1 thing I like about old style is long days in the forest and no concrete things. Hope to join a long distance trial some day. For me it's mostly about being challenged. So an easyer trial on an old bike wil be fine.
  5. Ordered a cheap fuel pump, so we'll see if it gives the right pressure (it seems to be pretty high for those pumps). I was able to find something while searching for Husqvarna tc/te fuel pump 2008-2014 or something like that. Should be the same pump. But, from a hint on Facebook looked into the ignition and probably found a leaking crank seal. So wil first look into that. The flywheel also have 2 splines, so 2 possible positions? Also spoke someone with the same bike, then it became very clear mine is not good and running to lean.
  6. Watched them a lot and love it. Seems reasonable honest. Unfortunately I can not add a kaboom or dog on the internet 😅
  7. It seems like the fuel filter did help, but still not satisfied. After an hour or so the bike seems to run a bit leaner and when standing for 10 minutes does not start easy. I was amazed of the quality pressure meter I got for 30 Euro's (incl. sending and tax). Thanks for the tip. Pressure when starting exact the specified 0.7 bar (without spark plug) with engine running 2.7 all the time, no matter which rpm. So think best guess is to replace fuel pump ? I asume it won't get better when running for longer time and tank more empty.
  8. Tiewrap


    Enjoyed your story, what an adventure ! Would love to join some day.
  9. Well, bought the Mots and what a relief that is ! Much more comfortable and I feel more flexible. Definitely a lot better then the mx stuff. Only downside is the looks do not match the skills. As for the insects, just go faster !
  10. Tiewrap


    Honda TLM220 is made for that specific job 🙂
  11. It's just watching a lot of YouTube, stick a lot of hours in it and I'm sure u can freak'n wheelie. I obligated myself to practice wheelies if I drive on a simple straight, that way I get some consistent hours. (Having the same problems as u). I do a lot of lifting the wheel and put down with the brake. Also standing still and turn around on the back wheel.
  12. Not a bad idea to start with the fuel filter 🤐
  13. The MTB pants I have wil not stand the heat if u touch the exhaust I'm afraid. I use an ixs trigger vest, for me perfect for trial, don't notice I'm wearing it and pretty good protection. Unfortunately not for suitable for contest as u need front chest protection they told me. Have ordered the mots trousers. Thanks for all the info 👍
  14. My results on the Scorpa are even better as on the Beta rev3. But i like the Beta more, no real reason but sound and looks. The TLM is not running yet, waiting for parts takes long, there is some available on cmsnl.com but not everything. It is very rare in Europe so there is nothing "in the market". No parts needed for the Scorpa yet, but it haves a lot of regular parts and a Yamaha engine.
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