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  1. Oh my ! That's not a little bit. Can u update on how the repair is going ? From what I understood the lubrication of the bearing is pressure feed. Which means there is a seal on both sides. U might just have another problem instead of a solved problem. I am very curious if this story is right. As I "heard" this, so I do not "know" this.
  2. Officially u need to set it with help of a computer I suppose. To reach it is a bit fiddly, but not difficult in my opinion (remove water pump). On my i have set it so that the bike runs fine, simple as that. Can be handy to have a bolt in it which u can turn by using a hex key with round head, that way u can adjust it without dismantling the bike. Short answer : yes, no special tools needed. U could try measuring with an ohm meter if the value changes when turning the TPS. I could not find values in the manual quick.
  3. You adjusting the TPS u can make the bike rich or lean. Wich also means that when it fails or changed setting the bike can become rich or lean. My first guess would be TPS, if the fuel pump fails it would be to lean.
  4. We had the same problem, changed seal and still leaking. Have changed them for all balls ? As read on this forum. Problem solved 🙂 O, and some tape around the edge of the fork to protect the seal when installing.
  5. Mine is very sensitive to knocking, so I will not even try E10. And I'm not in the UK.
  6. Tiewrap

    Clearing carb.

    I do this very often on things that stand still for a longer period. However also here I got problems with sticking floats on the trial bikes. So for longer time I run them dry, shorter time we don't. For the equipment around house I recently went to Aspen, as the E5 also was giving problems.
  7. I have send u the files I got. On my bike the cdi was broke though.
  8. Aaah the picture makes it clear. On my bike that wire is on the nut of the cilinder which is very close to the wire.
  9. U would think the mixture is changed. Or the particles that find each other, something like that. Nog engine knocking ? They seem to be sensitive for that ? Are u maybe by coincidence sometimes in Nunspeet ?
  10. Very nice that u respond 👍 I agree in a slight bend, but in this video u explain it with a lot more ? Sounds exactly as with mountain biking. We use the attack position a lot. But it is not ment to use all the time. In our country u see many people use it continue.
  11. It more surprises me that it's being advised to stay low on the bike. We are being teached by a former pro who says to keep them more straight. Must say that no YouTube video can compete with lessons in real life.
  12. Jacked the topic from another forum. Do u believe in riding with bend knees or not ? This person says bend them : And here someone who only does it with direct function : In my opinion the basics should be with "straight" legs (mostly a little bend)If u start with to much bend there is little room for action and the weight is easily going more to the back, making things more difficult. (That is a problem I have)
  13. Lol, just went there for more action
  14. It really depends what your doing. I like the light and nimble feeling of a 125, but difficult with climbs and very picky with gears. I have an Vertigo 300(or 250) and love the reaction of the throttle and how precise the power comes. The old Beta 270 we have is a lot more difficult.
  15. mon français est le terrible pour vous anglais (je vais école trois an) The R3 seems the best out there to me. Wich region are u ? Chamadoe, La Bresse, Truyere and Pasquet in Spain are on the to-do list.
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