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  1. And statements like the one above don't help.... I (almost) weekly ride a Vertigo and have done so the last 3 years. Had one small issue on my first Vertigo (2017 model). The current one starts and runs faultless. Do you plan buying from Andre (Nonstop)?
  2. Thanks for sharing! I have similar experience regarding reliability: in three years just one small oil leak (shaft cover just in front of the sprocket).
  3. Yep, the semi-axes slide out. The 'tool' makes it just a bit easier.
  4. Tool is used to remove the semi-axes, which have M20 thread.
  5. The German magazine 'Trailsport' did a review of the 200, 250, 280 and 300. Their verdict is that the 280 feels softer than the 250. The 280 feels as it has less power than the 250 and behaves more tractor-like; more grunt as a 250 but not very lively. The 300 was described as a wolf in wolf's clothing...A bit too much and too quick for the reporter. (by the way: tricky to translate and summarise from German into English..) Upcoming in the next months (depending on Covid-19): the R version of 2020 models, the mandatory Lampkin replica and a Busto replica. So enough to choose from
  6. The search help on this page would have pointed you to a topic from 2017 with virtualy the same title....: And also check 'Vertigo `suspension' started March 6, 2020 (5/6 topics below yours)
  7. tcrhino

    Vertigo Chain

    Don't forget to include the half link. And a chain with 2 mm. plates (de standard Regina has 1,8 mm. plates) will eat part of the chain tensioner bolt. Don't ask me how I know...
  8. Not only kick down, but also a bit to the back of the bike. And what Dabster said: swift kick from the top. What does help me when I am tired: put the baseplate on a log or stone.
  9. tcrhino

    Vertigo suspension

    Apart from the obvious (rear wheel...) I always remove the brake master cylinder and the chain. It is not required, but makes it a bit easier. Then the dogbones, shock lower mount and finally the swingarm semi-axles. Regarding removal of the front bolt that holds the dogbones: first take out the bearing sleeve on the right hand side. Then (only) loosen the M10 bolts that hold the triangles (left and right), remove semi-axles and pull out the swingarm. Assembly of the semi-axles can be a bit fiddly. What I do: first mount the triangles, rocker-arm and the semi-axles without the swingarm. In this way it is much easier to line-up the the bolts that hold the semi-axles. When all lines-out: tighten the two bolts (L&R) that hold the triangles and remove the semi-axles. Then put the swingarm in with the brake line (check routing) and the brake master cylinder, put the semi-axles in place (this is the fiddly bit..). Mount rear brake master cylinder and re-assemble dog-bones. Regarding the special tool: M20 threaded will do (there is a photo in an earlier thread).
  10. tcrhino

    CDI failures

    A Vertigo doesn’t have a CDI box
  11. The last decades 99 percent of cars and motorbikes use these fuel systems and reliability these days is no issue. But fuel filters do need maintenance. And for the majority of people carbs are not that simple, tricky to maintain and rather difficult to adjust properly. For a trials bike a carb does have advantages, but in my opinion definitely not regarding reliability and ease of use.
  12. No, not a two stroke, but probably an old antiquated four stroke ? I wonder if the 'new' 301 RR will have any features from the Repsol works bikes; especially in the engine department? Thinking of dual spark, updated clutch, different gearbox and crankshaft... In other words: a completely different engine.
  13. tcrhino


    @sergioNMD: thanks for the update. Good that it now runs like it should. ?
  14. tcrhino


    Other thingy that crossed my mind: the air filter might be clean, but if the filter has too much oil in it, the motor will also run rich.
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