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  1. Thanks for the prompt replies guys, Does anyone know the material of the Fantic piston ring and if the barrel chrome, nikasil, plasma or something else? Cheers, Prelit.
  2. Hi Huski, I'm not wishing to run this piston in a Fantic barrel. I'm just after a 68mm to 70mm piston to run in an alloy barrel with a cast liner. Thanks, Prelit.
  3. Thanks Midlife for taking the time to measure those dimensions for me. I believe the the Fantic barrel was plated, has anyone got any experience with running the piston in a cast iron liner. I guess in theory the piston ring wouldn't be 100% compatible but can you get away with it? I bit of premature wear doesn't bother me. Cheers, Prelit.
  4. Thanks for the info and link Bilko, much appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, Can anyone help me with the standard piston bore size of the 240 (212cc) engine to the nearest mm. if anyone has a scrap piston available and has time I would also like to know the gudgeon pin diameter, crown height from pin center to piston crown and the overall piston height. These can be just a ruler measurement. Thanks in advance, Prelit
  6. prelit

    Drayton Bantam

    Thanks for all the replies guys, Thanks to Bezaboy for the info. on his Drayton. Anyone else know the 'ready to ride' weight of their Drayton that they care to share? Cheers, Prelit.
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know the weight of a Drayton Bantam ready to ride with fuel etc. Thanks, Prelit.
  8. Thanks for the response, I have had in the past belt driven camshaft sprockets that were anodised but the belt quickly wore the colour off and began to wear away at the alloy teeth. The later ones were described as been HARD anodised and these still look perfect after many thousand miles. The new ones were available in many colours, red, blue gold, black etc. So the question is are modern rims HARD anodised or just a coating as you say for the aesthetic look and corrosion resistance? Thanks again.
  9. Hi guys, I'm after some advice on anodizing wheel rims. I've got a pair of good condition old rims off a early Gas Gas I believe, the rear is tubeless but is the older type with the spoke nipples through the rim. The rims were a dull silver colour as common on most bike of that era. I took them to a small local Anodizing company who reversed the anodizing process so I could get the rims polished. They now are nice and shiny with no scratches. I took them back to the anodizing company to have them done black, I asked the knowledgeable gentleman to HARD anodize them but he was very reluctant and advised against it due to a high copper content of the alloy. He said there would be a real risk of losing the rims during the process but would be happy to do the normal anodizing process to turn the rims black. Question is will the normal finish be durable enough for wheel rims? Are most rims just anodized not HARD anodized? Thanks in advance. Prelit.
  10. prelit

    WES Exhaust

    Turbo, you are a star, thank you so much for the taking the time to measure, photograph and post. Cheers Prelit.
  11. prelit

    WES Exhaust

    No problem turbo, thanks Prelit
  12. prelit

    WES Exhaust

    Thanks turbo that would be great, thanks for your time, Cheers Prelit
  13. prelit

    WES Exhaust

    Hi guys, Big ask but can anyone with a WES exhaust on a TY175 give me some approx. dimensions? I'm looking to fit the main box to a Bantam but need to know if it will fit before l purchase one. I only need rough 'eyed' in figures of the main box excluding the entry & exit pipes, the dims l need are the total length of the main box including the cones, length of the main rectangle section, height & depth of main section. I also would like to know the approx. angle of the lower section of the exit cone as this will be close to the frame between the swing arm pivot and damper top mount. Anyone got one for sale? Thanks in advance, Prelit.
  14. Hi guys, Can anyone help me with a starting point for the idea compression ratio for a d14 Bantam with a b175 centre plug head. Thanks, Prelit
  15. Hi Guys, Tighter wound coils to the top, this will slightly decrease the un sprung weight. Prelit
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