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  1. I used it on mine, seems ok but not used the bike much since doing it due to the lockdown.
  2. I bought a two part sealer (Petseal) from Ebay, pretty easy to do yourself.
  3. turps

    ST125 jet sizes

    Thanks very much ?
  4. turps

    ST125 jet sizes

    Hi, just a quick one. Could someone advise me of the standard main and pilot jets for a 2008 ST125 with a Dell Orto carb please. Thanks in advance ?
  5. turps

    Cota 247 losing power

    Done all of the above, wanting to know if it is possible to check the CDI unit. I may revert to the standard system meantime and see if the fault recurs
  6. Hi, I have a slight problem with my 247. It developed a fault recently. It starts no problem but will not rev out. It will pull fine on low throttle openings but when under load it just dies out. I have cleaned out the carburettor and replaced the jets and the float. It has electrex ignition and I was wondering if it may be the spark breaking down at higher revs. If so, is it possible to check for this ?
  7. Even better with extra headroom, not so good on fuel though
  8. Hi, just a quick question about the base gasket thickness. I have recently had my bike rebored to first oversize. I now need a new base gasket so I can refit it. I have searched through the forum but have not found the definitive answer to the standard thickness of this. It is still a 250 and I won't be changing it back to 325 so it would be great to know what thickness to get. Thanks in advance
  9. CCMCC trials are good and easy to get to from Dumfries and also a friendly club. Heading in the other direction you can find the Dalmellington MCC, they hold trials quite close to the town to from near Sanquhar and a few sites near New Cumnock. They are a friendly and helpful bunch too. As for practise ground, if you find any give me a shout.
  10. I recently bought an adjustable c-spanner (from Ebandit) to adjust the shock on a Beta 80. Worked great but had to remove the shock to adjust it. Hope this helps
  11. I have a 1980 black engine Beamish, the fork springs are getting a bit tired and I am thinking about replacing them. I was wondering if full length springs would be ok to use without the spacer at the top or do I need to try and get some the correct length and continue to use the spacer. Any advice would be most welcome, thanks
  12. I have only used one years ago while racing in grass track on my scrambler, home made with a bit of string attached to a small piece of plastic cut from the bottom of an early coke bottle in between a set of points riveted onto a jubilee clip. Now I've not even got a stop button on my bike, either stall it or let go and jump when out of control !!!
  13. Just been doing a bit of work on it. I was stripping the forks to touch up the paint, when I took the mudguard off I noticed that there wasn't a spring in the left hand side. It doesn't seem to affect them working OK so was this standard practice ? Or has a previous owner rebuilt them and forgotten to put it back in.
  14. Any news on another date yet ?
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