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  1. f1wade

    How Do You Add A Flywheel Weight 2008 300 Txt Pro

    Thanks sorted now.
  2. f1wade

    How Do You Add A Flywheel Weight 2008 300 Txt Pro

    Should the flywheel of the gasgas 300 txt pro be dry, ie I've just opened mine to find some rust spots, and no oil? But not checked behind the flywheel.
  3. f1wade

    How Do You Add A Flywheel Weight 2008 300 Txt Pro

    I have been told by a gasgas person, that the flywheel weights knacker the bairings, had anybody had issues like that? I've got a 300 txt pro 2009, but finding it a handful to ride, tried his txt, granted it's 2018 but was so much smoother. I wonder if I've got to big a bike? In new to the sport only done 2 trials.
  4. f1wade

    Dave Cooper torque setting

    I tried that before,and again just not bit still none the wiser? Are they the same as the towball bolts would be? Or are they different?
  5. Hi ive just got a Dave Cooper Bike rack, but forgot to ask what the torque wrench setting should be for the mount on the towbar? Anybody know?
  6. f1wade

    Txt pro 300 2009 front forks

    I have just brought this bike, and rode it at the weekend and the rebound adjuster screw disappeared down the fork. Ive taken the cap off and re-attached it, but found an alli spacer under the folk cap. And am wondering when this is for? Also I notice the cap isred round the outside and Ali in the middle it seems like it could be 2 bolts, is it? As mine both came off together by me undoing the middle Ali bolt. And the red seems to need a pin spanner anybody know what this is or what tool is needed? Thanks in advance.
  7. f1wade

    How To Check If A Motorcycle Is Stolen

    Thats great but is there a well known way to check for a buyer wishing tocheck if its stolen before they buy?
  8. Thanks pjw123, can you message me the postcode for that event, or the website/ group its with?
  9. Thanks for that but I put my postcode and 25 mile radius in and it says clubs on the Isle of Man,Guernsey and Wales are all only 14 miles from me. So the search is pritty useless, is there another way to sort through the myriad of clubs there?
  10. Im looking for a trials bike, new to the sport, but ridden trails for a while now. Wondering if anyone can tell me about availability of parts for the different brands, or even different bikes? Or are there any that are hard to get parts for? Looking at modern bikes. Thanks in advance for all advice
  11. Looking to find out what brands or ccs affect trials bike Road insurance? Not got a bike yet, but will want to use on the road also so looking for info on how trials boke insurance price is affected?
  12. Im based near Barnard castle, near scotch corner. Looking for clubs locally, can anyone suggest whereto find lists, or inform me of them all please? Im new to trials so looking for one to guide me into it. Need to figure out the right bike etc. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi can anyone tell me all the clubs around Barnard Castle and Bishop Auckland. especially any with practice grounds? kind regards chris wade
  14. f1wade

    Beta Rev 4T 2008 Brakes Sticking On

    Hi all, i've just got a beta rev 4t 2008, and used it a few times, but when i use the brakes more than a few times in 30 mins, they tend to lock on, and we have to take the caliper off and push the pistons back in manually. they go in mostly easy, sometimes they just wont move, until we push in the right place, which i think is due to being slightly twisted. the pads are low but not gone, as they have about 2mm left on all round. anybody know of anything that it could be? I have wondered if i could just replace the piston and seals, but if the bore is badly scored then i will also need a new caliper, but i dont want to buy pistons if i need a new caliper anyway?
  15. f1wade

    Beta Rev 4T Kickstart Mod

    hi all, i am just looking for a specific answer please, maybe a link to another thread that describes the process, or a step by step guide? or is it something a dealers only ever does?