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  1. drillman

    Magura Grips

    Hi Anyone know who stocks Magura grips BUT not H&D Racing as i don't trust that web site as no contact details!!! Cheers
  2. No problem corner to corner with the bulhead in and that's the smallest Connect. Two bikes in if no bulkhead and the long wheel base version Drill
  3. Hi Guys. I've got a Gas gas 2008 300 TXT PRO. Want to add the flywheel weight. Have the part and tools but no instructions. Please be basic so i can follow. IE. How do you remove the flywheel and refit. Any torque settings or markings to follow. Cheers
  4. Having a blank moment How do you remove the front wheel on a 2008 txt
  5. Warning.... To protect us from the bad boys that copy our plates and nick our bikes you will need to provide the number plate supplier with current verification of personal details, together with proof of entitlement to the registration mark. Acceptable verification of personal details would be a current driving licence, bank statement or utility bill, passport, or identity card. Acceptable proof of entitlement documents are the V5 Registration Document, V750 certificate of entitlement, V778 Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate, V11 Vehicle Licence Renewal, or V948 Authorisation Certificate. Without this documentation you will not be able to purchase replacement number plates. I'm sure the ebay seller does this!!!!!! From VOSA, DVLA & the Police. I'm just quoting so don't moan at me. K
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