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  1. hi does any fit a trials bike in a transit connect van thanks for any reply's
  2. sherco25016

    Fat Bars

    has anyone put fat bars on a sherco 01 to 06 am thinking about putting a them on my 03 just wondered if anyone has done it before cheers
  3. hi my sherco 250 wont start i have been trying for about 3 hours and no joy when i kick the bike the light is coming on and ths it, it hasnt been started for abut 2 an a half months i can put it down to the cold weaher and that i just want to get it started if anyone can help that would help that wuld begrat thanks
  4. i have a gas gas kick start on my sherco 250 03 i bought it with it on josh
  5. sherco25016

    Boyson Reeds

    do you feel increase in power with the boyson reeds thanks josh
  6. i had a new stator fitted in september wonder if that is the problem i will give the shop a ring where i got it fitted from thanks josh
  7. i had started my sherco up from hot today and i pull the clutch in and knocked it into gear when i let the clutch out it went backwards and engine was makin a funny noise it did it to me twice today is there somet tht has broke in the gearbox or something any ideas on the problem will be great thanks josh
  8. sherco25016


    i think its started its like a black thick oily gook as u said what can i do to get rid of it thanks josh
  9. sherco25016


    hi i was just wondering if you mix to much 2 stroke oil will it start making loads of carbon deposit thanks josh
  10. sherco25016

    Gear Oil

    what gear box oil should i use on my sherco 250 03 thanks josh
  11. i use auto solvo on my sherco polished exhaust up and everything swingarm best stuff i have ever used on metal, josh
  12. i dont have a idea mate i dont no alot about engines sorry someone on here will no josh
  13. is it like a thick black oil, my sherco does it when i have just been riding it in garden on little rev's i think its called carbon where it hasnt burnt off the oil josh
  14. That is a right workout that is alot to manage, i can see how it builds your strength up i will give it ago i cant imagine it not work thanks josh
  15. thats a good vid i think i have seen seen him before josh
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