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  1. i have removed all electrics and loom from my 99' 270 txt. i now need to install i kill switch.. how does a kill switch work? also not sure if the thermostat is failing as the fan has never kicked in, i am going to remove the fan for testing on a battery, if the fan is working i will also put this on a manual switch. Is the thick yellow cable the live feed? as my tester reads a 12v feed?
  2. Strarted to srip my bike ready for full panel vinyl and new decals, removed the fuel tank and air filterbox and came across a cracked frame further into the strip down i removed the bottom protection plate to discover this was holding the frame together. both 2 front engine mounts had snapped and bodged together with cosmetics hiding it all im so unhappy now im in need of a new frame! just more money. does anybody know if i can fit my 270txt'99 into a 125/50cc frame? without tomuch hassel.
  3. can anybody recommend a folk oil and also tell me what size sock i need to buy, i messure at 33mm but i think its 35mm? thanks steve gasgas 270 txt
  4. blow tourch, and a wire brush. never use sand paper.
  5. new plug is black, the thread is liqued oil.
  6. Its running and starting fine. But it spits its dummy out at high rpm. Old plug was to long and cheap. Was leaking oil through the the thread.
  7. hit my first steep hill today. was abit edgey at first. got off the bike and checked it out. approached it on idle in 2nd and off i went. im proud of myself.. coasted down it in 2nd too... after a few more goes i lost traction going up brakes wouldn't hold it.. hit a pot hole unexpected, left hand and foot slipped, bent my thumb and smacked my knee on the foot pegs.. but all part of the game. cant wait for my next day off work..
  8. bought a new plug today, old plug was grey/white and also the wrong size. 100ml 2-stroke to 5ltr fuel.. (100ml to green fuel can) what adjustments do i need to make?
  9. reason my bike had no oil in, is because its leaking from the clutch case. were do i get gaskets online? thanks. steve.. oh, got a loud front wheel, guess i need a wheel bearing too.
  10. gasgas 270 txt, i weigh 8st.. very light. can the bike be ridem at speeds? all my mates have crossers, they goto wales for a full day open riding. can my gasgas be ridin with the same abuse? i know its not made for the purpose of the crosser.
  11. krazydayz

    270 Txt

    just looked near kick, oil level. think its empty.
  12. krazydayz

    270 Txt

    hello, im new to this game. never had a trails bike before, all i know is im taking my time. anyway, can the bike be run at speeds? i notice 1st,2nd doesn't do much (balance gears?) 3rd,4th,5th engine sounds like a power band and pulls stupidly fast. scared myself as the torgue pulled me that much i couldn't drop the rev's.. 1999 270 txt.. TR27 alot of clutch drag, wont puch in gear. but will idle. i have to jump on the kick to start it.. (starts first kick) very loud noise coming from near small sprocket, pushing it in nuteral whilst its not running and when riding. after about 10mins its starts to smell funny. oil from sparkplug thread and exhaust. need a manual not sure what size sparkplug dont want to get the same size its currently using.. (maybe a wrong plug) also were do i get my spares? need a rear fender.. cant find one anywere online what year bikes can i get parts from... body parts. all help would be great..
  13. i would say its as thick as 2-stroke. the bike has now developed a nasty noise in the motor or gearbox, been out again for a hour and just when i desided to come home it started throwing white smoke out.. (alot of smoke) cut the motor off and it continued to smoke for 2-3 mins. i have let the bike cool down and it still starts off first kick. dont know how to explain, 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear sound bubbley.. like its flooding.. 4th/5th still have stupid amount of power.
  14. i just bought a gas gas 270txt today, took it out for 10mins and it ran fine, all its power ect. but i just noticed oil* coming out of exhaust and around the sparkplug thread!. head gasket? ran to hard? any ideas?
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