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  1. I could fit 2 in diagonal nose to tail quite easily
  2. got 2 bikes in kangoo. One in forward one backwards diagonally. Easily and a good fit
  3. From Newcastle, so round here, Northumberland, Consett, Durham, Weardale etc
  4. Hi, Does anyone know when the next TY80 trial will be on in the North East Area Cheers
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if you can fit a sherco 250 and/or beta 125 in a new (60) kangoo. it's short wheel base with built in bulk head. thanks
  6. off road moto in blyth are very good www.offroadmoto.co.uk 01670 361080
  7. When i bought my sherco the kickstart was broke and had the same problem. I luckily found one on ebay for about
  8. hi, i was wondering if a gas gas 80cc 2002 model was any good and what should i be looking for. Thanks
  9. thanks for your replys. I'll go for the 80cc.
  10. Hi, im looking at getting my daughter a trials bike, she's 11 year old and wasn't sure how long an 80cc would last her for size and power or is it worth getting a 125 and just letting her practice till she's old enough to compete. Cheers.
  11. Hi, i've got a '03 sherco 250 and im having problems finding a cheap kickstart, does anyone know if a kickstart off other type's of bikes will fit? Thanks.
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