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  1. we all had an excellent day. very good course well set out sections great crack, or is it craic? the least we could do was bring some good weather with us
  2. There's a Sharabang full of us coming up from the Toon. We had a brilliant time last year
  3. windlestone

    What 4rt Oil

    Buy Elf. you dont need to change it as often. I found ATF makes bike really dificult to start in gear and clutch is a nightmare
  4. Why not get competitors to hand their entry forms in,for enter on the day events, with their bike present. The event secretary takes a quick look, if the bike is too trick then they enter in the Specials class. Events secretary's decision is final. The other difficuly is the sections we are marking out these days are not always standard pre 65 or twinshock friendly.
  5. Hi Taff The trials riders in the North East centre aren't being ignorant, we just haven't had any confirmation where the trial is to be held. It usually runs, weather permitting, at Ayle, near Alston, which is actually in Cumbria. It's a cracking venue with mostly rocky stream sections, but it's a small venue.
  6. windlestone

    montesa 4rt

    give Colin Batts a call and ask him what he found was wrong with the one he looked at for mr larkin. i cant remember what they diagnosed but it had a similar problem and he cured it
  7. Read the title and thought i was going to swap my Aran jumper for a pair of Oakleys
  8. windlestone

    montesa 4rt

    4rt's have a 'limp home mode' when the engine is overheating the ECU will shut down the performance. you can only rev a little then it will cut out run terrible. It will run perfectly on low revs to get you back to the van. The symptoms Bunny described sounded like a plug today but now reading this it's more likely to have been running too hot. when the engine was off to have the plug changed it cooled down enough to run properly again. Tell him to try turning the engine off in quesues in future
  9. If your club isnt affilliated to the ACU you shouldn't be signing riders ACU licence renewal forms! Any rider who submits a form for a 2012 licence will require a Club Membership and a unique code number. The ACU licencing department are contacting club secretary's to verify riders are members before issuing riders a licence. It's working really well
  10. 11th december 2011 Consett and DMC will be running conducted classes for youths. Trial will be held at Butsfield Quarry just off the A68
  11. Yes you can enter on the day Ross. Sandwich van in attendance too I'll look out for you on Sunday, fairly sure we were chatting before the Alwinton Two day, if you rode your SWM there
  12. Hi Ross There's generally a Hard, Clubman and Easy course. There will be at least a couple of Cubs, a C15t and I would guestimate around 4 twinshocks. Bedlington usually put in lots of nice long sections using rocky gullies and streams with a mix of hillsides, weather permitting, and rocky outcrops. Ideal for Pre 65 and Twinshocks.
  13. I emailed the ACU on 10/11/2011, last Thursday. I received a very nice reply within two hours which included our numbers. We have had our numbers sent to us prior to my email but have provided the ACU with the wrong email address. Trials is a relatively small community, the ACU are a great help and benefit to clubs, it would have taken the same time to email them directly and ask where your club numbers are as it would to type negative comments on Trials Central forums.
  14. Gordon was kind enough to set up my clutch. Billet ally clutch cover, springs were already in so i don't know if they are standard or stronger. DTI on top face of clutch cover near basket, magnetic base stuck to frame. Pull and hold in clutch while kicking over using kickstart The less adjustment on the springs, means less pressure, making a lighter clutch Mark the pressure plate 1,2 and 3 to help identify springs to tension Use 100mm of oil in clutch, just enough to keep the chain wet. Some folk use ATF Appologies for butting in but Gordon may be on holiday now
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