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    Cota 314R Choke

    Thanks guys I will start with a carb clean and hope it is that not the seals! Do you know where I can get parts such as fuel filter and throttle cable for this carb it is a dellorto PHBH26SD? Cheers Tony
  2. ajc

    Cota 314R Choke

    Hi I`ve just bought a 314r and am having problems with starting and running. I can get it started with the choke out and when I push the choke in to halfway the revs drop as normal. But then if I push the choke lever all then way in the revs increase massively until I push the choke lever back to halfway open and the revs then drop again. I have never had a two stroke or a trials bike before as I have always had four stroke road bikes. The choke lever is mounted on the handlebar. There does not seem to be any adjustment mechanism for the cable at either end. Any suggestions and help greatly appreciated Cheers Tony
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