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  1. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Checked connectors now and measured Ohm. I get about the same value as you Peter when cold. Also checked that I get the same value on the ECU connector. Checked after a quick run when it boiled and got a whole different reading so I’m guessing it works 🤔 drained the coolant and the first stuff that came out had a creamy color ? Smelled like some sort of alcohol. Not sure what previous owner used. Gonna check the pump impeller now if I can understand where it’s located. I was think I can see movement in the coolant. At least seems like it’s getting some circulation.
  2. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Hmm. Haven’t checked the pump yet. I’ll check first chance when the bike is assembled again. Going through some wires and connectors now. Im guessing my main issue is the fan not turning on though? Or won’t it turn on if the coolant ain’t circulating ? The problem just started after winter storage. I’m just assuming it has something to do with it. First run and it boiled after just 10mins of easy riding in the woods so.
  3. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Hello. Im hoping this is my issue and not a cracked cylinderhead. Found some corrosion. I’ve cleaned it out with some cleaning spray, but I need to find some contact spray or grease. Took it for a test after I cleaned it and still no fan. It went a while longer before it boiled now, but that could be because of the chill evening weather. Just to rule out some stuff. I know my gas has a tad to much oil in it now (closer to 2%) manual says 0,9%. Can it be a issue with boiling ? Also, I’ve ran out of the special coolant, so I’ve been just filling clean water seeing as it boils all the time now. Will special coolant have a higher boiling point so that the fan might start or something ? I have bought some Evans waterless coolant, but kinda want to figure out what the issue it before I swap out my coolant seeing as it cost a fortune in my country and would just be wasted with my boiling issue 🤔
  4. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Hi Peter! I will try to check the connectors for corrosion. The thermistor, is it the gold/copper coated screw close to the top of the cylinderhead with a single wire comming into it ? I just follow that wire into the ECU and check there ? First couple of times i tested it, it startet to boil after just a few mins of running (a quick trip into the woods) and exited through the expansion hose and a little out from the radiator cap. Then i flippet the rubber seal on the radiator cap and it lasted a couple of mins longer before it kinda exploded out of the radiator cap. Coolant is from GRO GCC 30% special aluminum something.
  5. Hi. I was hoping someone could help med with a problem I have. After winter storage my 2013 Ossa TR300i keeps boiling. Fan won’t start but I’ve tested it out and the fan works with direct power. I’ve read multiple post’s on this but still can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’m no pro when it comes to MC engines so I’m having some difficulties figuring out everything. I was thinking of sending it to service, but found out that it cost almost as much as I gave for the bike so I’m hoping I can fix it myself. Thus far I’ve checked all connections and they seem fine. I’ve ordered a can of Evans waterless cooling hoping it will stop the boiling but i think I should fix the fan problem first perhaps. I don’t know if anyone with diagnostic kit around here so I haven’t gotten to check it yet. Anyone know what I can look for ? Maybe some easy steps I can check to rule out some mayor issues. I’m really hoping it’s not a crack in my cylinderhead. Cheers