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  1. Have you tried to insert the R2 mapping wet? I am finding myself very well.
  2. Hi, you triggered the spring ... You have to load it up, you have to give it a ride and fit it where it is now.
  3. Anyone have wet mapping or very soft mapping to use the Vertigo? I tried the Gas Gases and they are much easier. I tried to do it with the software but it creates too much vacuum in the first part of the throttle, and then I think that one made by the house is designed to make the engine run better.
  4. I want to buy the wificom module, can you tell me the factory code. I don't want to buy it from an official dealer. Can anyone help me? I don't know if the code is: GK-WFCOM2-0003 or GK-WFCOM2-0001 If anyone can help me Thanks
  5. Manual sent, who is still missing?
  6. I was wondering in the 2018 model there is no switch to change the mappings like on the other models. Is it possible to put a switch also in 2018? As was done for the Bones, it was enough to switch 2 pins
  7. Thank you all for the manual, arrived. Thanks..
  8. Hello, interested in the 2016 manual I'll leave the email if anyone can send it to me bernardi.simone@live.it Thanks
  9. I have a slightly prepared 2018, I don't know what, I bought it like this ... it has a titanium exhaust and the head has been modified and I don't know the mapping.
  10. Thank you ... Ordered now, I hope I get something and it works because I ordered it at a bargain price from another continent
  11. Thanks for the maps .. Do you all use the wificom to connect with bluetooth or are there other devices? I am undecided whether to buy it or not since it costs very little.
  12. To remove the injector you have to remove the ecu and also its support which is fixed with the same screws as the injector.
  13. Congratulations as always Lotus!
  14. Simonelongus

    K-Scan for Ossa

    Hello and welcome, I think you should build the cable because it is still new but has very high prices. For the software if you scroll the pages there should be a link to download it
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