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    As new Olle Shock fully adjustable rebound & compression off Factory Beta . 285 mm Centres , not sure what else it will fit . £125 + post

    125.00 GBP

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    1 Ohlins Shock off Gas Gas Pro Not done much been in my Garage taking up space , Ready to go straight on £125 + post .


  3. I have a Ohlins shock for a Gas Gas that’s not done much ! Big improvment over Sachs , but I am in England was thinking somewhere around £125
  4. Hi Murdo , are u still convinced the 300 is the bike to have against the 250 ? By the way is Practice open this weekend ? 8th Oct was thinking of coming over , be great if your around for a chat ?
  5. stmarysloch

    240 Clutch

    Thanks for the pics , very helpful , good idea to put slight bend on cable retaining arm , going to copy that .
  6. stmarysloch

    240 Clutch

    Thanks for replies , I can't even go back to standard set up , because it looks like the clutch arm it's self has been lengthened ! So when I put cable through original hole , it's at a strange angle , also not sure if cable is routed correctly ?
  7. stmarysloch

    240 Clutch

    Has anyone recommendations for lightening clutch on 240 Fantic ( not Hydrolhic ) remove 2 springs ? Best cable ? Levers ? Mine has a home made ext ( small piece of angled steel ) at clutch arm end . This was on bike when I got it , and it's never worked very well ! I believe Shed Works did a kit , but having phoned them , they no longer do them . Be good if anyone has pics of what they have done ? Or know where I can buy a kit from . I also have a 200 rear kick , that I have just aquired , having never rode the 200s before is it worthwhile going down the OKO carb bigger Airbox route , as on my 240 ? Also I believe there is a really simple clutch lightening mod ? Any pics anyone . Sorry I know this is a lot of ? But I need something to lure me into Garage on cold Winters nights . Thanks
  8. Fair comment , but Sherco is 2013 model & I fancy a new bike . They have another test day in Nov , might wait & go to that , not really in any mad rush to change bikes &'would rather wait than make a decision I could regret , 6k is a lot of money if your unsure .
  9. stmarysloch

    Vertigo 250

    Went to the Bob McGregor Trials Ground yesterday , mainly to test the Vertigo , I also was interested to see what the facility was like . Got to say the Venue is brilliant , the people very friendly & helpful, from Murdo ( organiser) to the girls in cafe . Many thanks to Nick (Vertigo ) for the test ride , trouble is I went convinced I wanted the 300 ( I have a 300 Sherco ) but I thought the 250 was brilliant !! What is holding me off ordering the 250 , is all the other people who tested the 250 ( I spoke to 6 ) all own 2016 300s , and they preferred the 300 !! I rode Nicks 300 Ice Hell 2016 & Murdos Camo 300 2016 ( with flywheel weight ) ) & still Preferred the 2017 250 . Because the venue was bone dry , grip wasn't an issue , and that's were I am worried ? All the. Owners of the 300s commented on how fantastic the grip in wet conditions their bike had ( is the 250 as good , my only worry ) by the way the 300 riders varied from Novice to Expert 30 -58 in age . What to do ?
  10. Thanks to all for the info , I think it's around a hour & half away for me , so will ring to check it's going to be open before I come . I am working this Sat , so looking at the following Sat
  11. Can anyone give me some info on the club etc . I have recently moved to the Border area , and was wondering if you had to be a member to ride at the venue ? or could you pay on the day ? And what days are they open .
  12. Why not try a turned down weight ie 1/4 off , or a1/3 off , just weigh beforehand . I have experimented with this for years on Gas Gas & Betas , ended up turning a1/3 off. This in my opinion gives best of both worlds , even my Son who rides Expert now rides with one , he was a bugger for stalling when moving the bike around , but didn't like the feel of a full weight .
  13. Hi thanks for all the replies . After reading these and other earlier posts made some further investigations today . Found the slide return spring was cut down ( managed to borrow another to try ) , incorrect float height ( set up as advised splat shop). Ran bike in garage seems much much better , going to try out at weekend properly . The blocked off overflow is a mod done apparently by some to stop problem with fuel pouring from said pipe .
  14. Sorry I should have explained better , with the bike out of gear and you Rev it the revs don't die down as they should . There is no problem with the cable ( I have checked this ) , however I have seen an earlier blog on here regarding someone cutting down the length of throttle return spring , therefore weakening it . Am now going to measure this . Thanks
  15. I have bought a 300 ST 2013 model . I really like the bike but am struggling setting the carb up , it runs on a bit when blipping the throttle ( over revs like air leak ) . I have noticed on stripping carb that the float chamber overflow is blanked off with a screw ( could not see it before for overflow pipe ) has anyone seen this before ? I have had these carbs previously on Gas Gas bikes and do remember periodically them pouring fuel sometimes from the float chamber overflow Pipe , is this a mod then . Also what is the correct float height please
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