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  1. Well, here is the list so far. I have added the brake pads that are available through Tucker Rocky. Let me know if anyone can add to the list with front wheel bearings and seals, since I haven't had to replace them yet, or sprockets and such. Description Part # Brand Tucker Rocky Rear Wheel Bearing 63032RDC3 KOYO Rear Wheel Bearing 62032RDC3 KOYO Rear Wheel Seal 25x40x7 TIMKEN Rear Wheel Seal 60x47x7 TIMKEN Front Brake Pads FA115 EBC 611151 FA115R (Sintered) EBC 611152 Rear Brake Pads FA337R (Sintered) EBC 613337
  2. I want to know if anyone has a list of parts that might cross over with other bikes or possibly even cars. I have started a list and have the rear wheel bearings and seals in there. I would like to know if the temp sending unit crosses over, any of the rotors swap out with other bikes, you know stuff like that. We can post it for all to see since parts are getting harder to come by. This is my first trials bike and am loving it, if I want to keep it running and maintained we will need to know where to get parts. I have seen it done with other older bikes and it works good. People rallied after Excellsior Henderson went out of business in 2000 and created a parts list with parts that swapped out from stores like AutoZone, where there is one in everyone's town not something special where you have to order it from Britian. Here are a couple of good sites to get parts: 1. www.tryalsshop.com - wear items like plastic, brake pads, air filter, fork seals, etc 2. www.rotax.co.uk - engine parts - he has schematics also if you send him your engine # 3. www.bmz.fr - a little bit of everything, it's in French though?
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