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  1. Hi Guys, I hope you,can see from the attached photo, that the hairline crack is in the very bottom part of the skirt, where the piston never gets to. The best solution is to re-sleeve it no doubt, but down here at the bottom of the African continent, that could be a greater risk than a repair. I have managed to buy a very good condition 2nd hand oversize piston. I like the idea of drilling a small hole at the top of the crack to stop it propagating, then a bit of prep and brazing should hopefully do the trick from what you guys are saying. Hopefully the force is with me !!! Bruce
  2. Hi guys, I want to try and repair a small crack in the bottom skirt of a Tiger Cub cylinder. The bike will not be used on too much of a regular basis, so I hope that this repair can be successful. I am in two minds though as to how approach this repair. Do I braze it, Oxy/acetylene weld, CO2 or similar inert gas weld. Has anyone tried this? My head tells me to braze it from a joint aspect because it is flexible, but from a welding heat aspect, a quicker CO2 weld seems to be the way to go. Obvioualy the crack will be prepared accordingly prior to repair. Bruce
  3. Hi Nick, The bike you refer to in South Africa is now in the UK. Interestingly enough, the bike was one of the first ones made, but one of the last ones sold. It may have spent a long time in the shop window. bruce
  4. It is indeed BW, unless I owe you money!
  5. I have a genuine Comerfords Cub, but for the life of me, I cannot find a decent photo of the original petrol tank logo for the bike. It looks like a coat of arms. I have asked all the guru's, including Gordon Farley, the Mikes and Dave Thorpe. Does anyone have such a photo?
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