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  1. Hey Jonboy, thanks again for more advice. We’re hoping to move to the IOW in a couple of months but if we get out of lockdown before then I’ll definitely pop up. Cheers Mark
  2. Fantastic, thanks Jonboy, I really appreciate that ?
  3. Hi New member here. As someone new to Trials Ive just bought the above bike to keep me occupied during lockdown and needless to say it does'nt come with any paperwork - does anyone have a manual I can buy/copy/download as I dont know the first thing about it. Many thanks in advance Mark
  4. Hi, I'm just starting the journey in to Trials after many years Road and Enduro riding and have just bought a 2002 Beta 250 (see attached) to practice wobbling and balancing on my driveway before going out and getting muddy. I was looking for a 200 Beta but theyre not cheap and as rare as Rocking Horse S**t then I was offered this for £1k and it seems to tick all of the boxes for now. I see the bike as a stepping stone to something a bit newer once I can progress beyond the garden. As I have no paperwork with the bike, does anyone have a manual for sale or can you point me in the right direction to download one? - I've looked on the Beta web-site and they dont go this far back sadly. Planning ahead for once we get out of lockdown, does anyone know of any practice grounds near here? - I did find mention of one at Sandpits Farm near Sturminster Marshall but it was a very old reference and Im not sure if its still there? Cheers Mark
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