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  1. gogs56

    Reed valve blades

    My OSSA MAR 250 has Harpowa (Kershan Bradford) reed valves fitted. Does any body know where I can get replacement blades (petals) for them (UK) ?
  2. Crank seals replaced. First time bike has been run in at least ten years. (Not by me). After several tries starting, poured a little petrol in plug hole. It then started but just proceeded to rev until I hit the kill switch. Left it for half hour or so, started again with same result. Amal carb fitted. Needle was on bottom setting. I've now moved it to middle but bike won't start now. Not sure if it's because I've moved needle position or just that it's a pig to start anyway.
  3. When I start my OSSA MAR the engine revs just keep on climbing until I kill engine. Carb slide working OK. Any ideas.
  4. Thanks for looking Woody. I'll see how I get on with the tool.
  5. Thanks Trialman. I was looking at these, but wasn't sure if they'd do the job. I've now ordered one.
  6. Thanks Woody. Unfortunately I don't have any old clutch plates. If anybody does and can send me one, I'd be grateful.
  7. Hi l'm having trouble tightening my clutch centre nut up to the correct torque (65lbf). Can any body suggest a method or know where I can get a suitable clutch holding tool from? I'm in the UK
  8. gogs56

    250 MAR timing

    Thanks Woody.
  9. gogs56

    250 MAR timing

    Hi What is the correct timing for the stator on a 250 MAR? The flyer manual I have (250 and 175 engines) mentions "Plonker, Pioneer and Stilleto" which of these should I reference for working on a MAR? regards Gordy
  10. I have fitted a headlight to my OSSA MAR using the rubber straps, but it is very loose. I cannot see any way of tightening the straps. Am I missing something?
  11. Thanks guys. I've done them to 25 bpf.
  12. Hi Guys I am rebuilding my OSSA. It never had a rear brake cable when I got it. I have the rear brake cable with the nipple one end and adjuster thread the other. I seem to be missing some parts like a 9mm barrel for the thread to pass through and a nut for adjustment. Can anybody advise? See attached pictures for frame and hub cable fitting points. Thanks Gordy
  13. Hi Guys What are the torque settings for the rear sprocket on a 1976 OSSA MAR?
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