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  1. Hi Im keen to get back into trials after 20 years away bringing up kids. My problem is my 2 sons also want to ride. My question is, is there a way of buying bikes with interest free credit? Thanks Colin
  2. Yes I saw those too, I’m giving myself a few weeks to get a feel for what’s what. It’s good to know they come up regularly as I’m worried about missing out. thank you
  3. Thanks, there just doesn’t seem to be many about, or is it me being unrealistic with a 4 k budget for 2 bikes.
  4. Hi, I asked on here a few days ago for advice on a bike for my 18 year old son, I got some excellent help and now know what I want. I’m now looking for 2 bikes. One for me also. The problem I have now is, I don’t know where to look for them. I’ve tried eBay and there doesn’t seem to be many about for what I want. Is there a good website I can look at or anything? thanks
  5. Thank you, The Beta’s are what I was looking at, I want something forgiving whilst he susses out a clutch. He’s 5’10” 11 stone with good bike handling skills from racing bmx. 125cc sounds good and I’m looking around the 2k mark, is this realistic? Is price relative to bike age across the brands or are some makes better value than others. I haven’t ridden any modern bikes so don’t know what to look for. My last bike was an air cooled gas gas 270 20 years ago.
  6. Hi, is there a go to bike for beginners? my son is 18 and I’m looking for a bike for him. He’s never ridden a motorbike before so I’m expecting something easy to look after also.
  7. Col5

    16 year old

    Hi My son is 16 years old ,17 next August, 5'10" He wants to start doing trials events. What size engine is he allowed?
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