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    Aprillia Climber parts for sale, see pictures, includes full exhaust, radiator & hoses, rear brale lever, grear lever, various covers etc. Please email or Tx me an offer! JCSS@btinternet.com or 07896 909 284 Buyer Collects or pays for postage.

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  2. I already have two spare special alloy oil tanks (for sale) that were purpose made for a trick B40 trials. Please contact me if your intersted? Thansk, Johnny
  3. I've had the same problem, i found heating the top yolk with a hair dryer suprisingly did the trick!
  4. montesa4rt

    Montesa 4rt

    I agree, the 4rt is a great bike. However, it needs to loose 3kg and there are planty of examples where, for example the steering lock and bulky bits on the frame associated with the steering lock. The exhaust can be much lighter (so we dont need to spend on a aftermarket system). All the bolts could be lighter or Titainium. Have you seen the size of the bolts holding the front frame...you could'nt buy them bigger if you tried! The chain adjusters are metal (even on the 300RR!). Why has the repsol & 300RR got lighter wheels, surley the standard bike can have those to? The wiring loom can loose weight. The air box sticks out, everyone I speak to has the same problem with wearing a hole in it! It is the same now as it was 15 years ago! Basically I feel Honda are capable to make big improvments, certainly in the weight, but they dont. Other manufactures put the best they can into their bikes, for example the TRS etc. However for some reason Honda are holding back and not giving us the best they could.
  5. montesa4rt

    Montesa 4rt

    This is a message to Honda Montesa: Is there any news about Montesa/Honda developing the 4rt ? It appears there are no changes planned for the 2018 bike, which effectively is a 2005 design tweaked over the years. Dont get me wrong, i love my 4rt and my 2017 feels the best yet. (i've had a 4rt since 2005, Ive now had 7 in total over the years) However, I get the feeling Montesa / Honda have no plans to develope the 4rt, nothing seems to be comming to the general public back from the factroy bikes or riders. Please Can you reduce the weight of the bike by 2 or 3 kg and reduce the projection of the air box becacuse i rub through the air box side cover.
  6. I ride inter level, so basically Im trying hard to get to expert level (crapping out on expert sections), Im my humble opinion, weight Does matter! Bouncing, hopping and flick turns are much easier on a 2T. Believe me I can flick a lot beter on my mates TRS (65/66Kg). It's no suprise nobody's riding Montesa's in the BTC...it's almost like Honda/Montesa dont care about that? Is the reason that the general market 4rt (including the 300RR) just isn't up to it? goes to show that Tony Buo / factory bikes are nothing like those we mortals can buy. Come on Honda/Montesa, give us a 67kg 4RT and get more riders on BTC!
  7. I've riden Montesa 4rt's since 2005 (ive had 7) my current Mont is 2017. I love them. But... it is getting very anoyingly frusttrating that Montesa/Honda haven't reduced the weight or change much since 2005. I get the feeling they are not interesdted in us or Keeping customers happy. We all know Tony Buo's bike is much lighter, in fact I've heard it's 65Kg. I know we cant expect 65Kg but I dont think anyone doubts that Honda/Montesa could produce a lighter bike for the general market. Ive weighed my 4rt it's 77.5Kg! and Ive also weighted my son's beta 4T that is 74.5Kg, come on Honda, you could do a lot better! Im talking to you "Montesa Honda" please do something about it before a lot of Montesa owners go for the Beta 4T which is 3Kg lighter! By the way, ive also weighed my mates TRS its 66Kg ready to ride!
  8. The most probable explanation is they followed me home. Keep your eye out for anyone trying to sell a nice 2005 4rt and/or Aprilia Climber parts. Please send me an email on jcss@btinternet.com. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Yes, Ive got pictures of the mont, as i had it more or less from new, I dont want to describe on air the features that make it differnent as those could be changed. But because I've had it so long I know every dent & scratch. It is in very good condition, and a particualrly nice bike to ride. I obviosuly have the engine & frame numbers. Im looking on ebay & gumtree, but outsdie that, if anyone out there see's or hears of a 2005 4rt for sale, please contact me and I'll take it from there, all I need is a picture of the bike for sale and I'll know if it's mine. The Aprilia climber was a none runner and basically a project bike, but in one piece. So again, if anyone gets offered a purple & yellow Aprilia climber, let me know who is selling it. Thnaks Johnny jcss@btinternet.com
  10. I've had my garage ram raided last sunday afternoon, 2pm! in broad daylight! cheeky *******s. Basically they reversed a small van into the garage doors several times until it came off. They nicked my 2005 Montesa 4rt and 1992 Aprilia Climber, neither are insured, so Im well p****d off. Please look out for idiots trying to sell these bikes, let me know if you hear of anything. It was a white citreon berlingo van reg YX15 YPK (cloned plates)..whatch out in might be you next! My email address is jcss@btinternet.com
  11. Can anyone advise on how much fork oil quantity is requird in Fantic 305 Forks? And is it the same amount in each leg? Thanks, Johnny
  12. Can someone email me a exploded diagram for Fantic 305 Forks. Cheers, Johnny jcss@btinternet.com
  13. Hi woody, did you try this mod? I have a ariel trials bike, it seems to be running very rich, the plug is jet black. My bike runs fine but on very slow throttle, just as I open her up to go up a climb or step, it splutters and pops. I have read this thread about blocking up a hole in the pilot jet or something?, Do you think this mod will solve my problem? How do you do it? Johnny
  14. Hi Can you contact me to explain how I can do this mod. JCSS@btinternet.com
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