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  1. For LDT you would be better of with a Beta X Trainer. I had a 4 Ride, we didn’t get on, pain to work on …. Air filter requires an age to get at, with half the bike requiring removal. (I had this issues in the Pyrenees after drowning the bike, not good) Horrible on the road and and off road trying to ride it as a trail bike (seated) with trials geometry is a liability. Yes, Ok when confronted with a Technical section on a trail it will do a job for you in the SSD, was Bilbao,s 4 Ride a stock bike? More likely a 4RT dressed up ? IMO of course!
  2. I have a 4ride, use it for long trials, and extreme trail riding, it’s more than capable of doing clubman sections, for this, the Seat isn’t a problem ( I’m 6 ft tall) and is an excuse if you 5 a section.... “well it is a trail bike!” 5th gear is same as a 4rt, 1,2,3 slightly higher but still low enough for easy trials stuff, ( final drive gearing same a 4rt) and has a bigger fuel tank its horrible on the road ( probs why there are a few low milers often for sale) but It’s basically a tweaked trials bike. i love the 4 ride, lovely power delivery, light in weight and extremely capable, but not an enduro bike or a road bike a bit of an odd bod, but I love it !
  3. Cheers guys, welded up, and all back together, even got my shock spring changed for a heavier one when the swinging arm was out all is well again !
  4. As in title, after last long trial, noticed I had lost a rear sprocket bolt, in its escape it has worn the swinging arm . It has cut a slot in the flat plate area, approx 50% through...... My thinking is to get it aluminium welded and dressed back, anyone had similar?..... what was your action? any idea on what grade aluminium is used on the swinging arm.? thanks (it’s a Montesa 4 ride )
  5. Well got round to changing the front pipe on the 4 ride. so, tie wrapped the 02 sensor out of the way, and it fired up .... 1) engine management light cleared as normal, 2) when warm rick over as before ( seat of the pants tachometer) 3 no noisier than before 4) Runs clean through the Rev tprange, and pick up does seem a bit sharper ( might be my imagination, but front wheel does seem to lift easier) 5) and best of all that horrible looking (and heaviy) CAT is gone! thanks again guys for all your support on this one ?
  6. Ok guys, on letting your info digest...... 1) the full power mods allow more air, ( lid mod).........more fuel white / green wire mod and the removal of the restrictor washer........then exhaust mods to get complete the flow improvements.......got it. what happens if I just want to change the front pipe to get rid of that horrible looking CAT, and not perform the remaining power up mods as above...... 2) can I fit front pipe and just disconnect the 02 sensor ( reading about 02 sensors tells me they do very little, only trying to optimse the fuel / air ratio which allows the CAT to be most effective thanks again guys !!
  7. Thank all for the info...... much appreciated ?
  8. Hi, in need of a little help, have sourced a 2nd hand ( new) 4rt front pipe ( without the cat) what do I do with the 02 sensor connection? 1 dealer told me just to disconnect and lose the wire and it would be ok ??? another knew what to do, but wouldn’t tell me, because I didn’t buy the pipe of them !..... great eh?.... they did tell me tank and air box needed to come off , but wouldn’t tell me anymore..... help please..........cheers
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