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  1. Tha mag sprocket well we think it is was tied to the engine with a piece of string
  2. Not sure yet, we know its lucas and from photos the round one, that's a mag and Dynamo, its so difficult to even find another bike to even view
  3. Hitchcock's don't have any parts for it as its 1934 and two stroke, so too early for them.
  4. The problem is the correct chain driven mag is rare and the only one we have seen for sale is £300 and doesn't work, lights won't be an issue as it will only be ridden in the day.
  5. My sons just bought a 1934 Royal Enfield, the cost of bits is killing him well the few we can find, as he is a humble apprentice. Its missing the Mag Dyno thing, only one we have seen is £300 and its not working so as its only for shows and wont be having much road use we are thinking of using a total loss battery powered system, has any one done this? We have seen a few on line but it would be good to talk to some one who has done it, we are even contemplating building one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AoSJIdhsME&t=147s He just wants the bike together and running originality can wait until he can manufacture the parts he can't find..
  6. just found them they dont do one for an xl
  7. Thanks have you a link? It was the sizes I was hoping to get to make them easier to buy
  8. Any ideas of a cheaper way to overhaul this? The Honda parts would kill me. Its only going to be a tatty green laner
  9. Hello Could some one give me an idea what to tell the insurance company regarding value? We thought £1500-1700? Its a bog standard 1962 C15, been stored in the dry for the last 30 odd years, we need to insure it against theft whilst we decide what to do with it as we just have too much stuff going on. Its 99% complete but needs recommissioning as it hasn't ran for years Thanks
  10. We have it I will have to have a good look
  11. Hello Just bough another C15 and the new side panel that covers the battery is missing. As far as we can tell from the reg the bike is pre 62 and the engine has the points on top not side, so this looks to be correct year wise. Are the side panels the same for all years?
  12. I did wonder that's why the initial plan was to manufacture a new rear end so it can be bolted on then once the projects over it can be returned back to a classic hopefully a trials bike. We have managed to buy a tatty scrap frame so we can keep the original 65ish frame untouched.
  13. Well said I have just spent another £50.
  14. Now being new to all this I do wonder if its going the same way as many other motor sports and pricing people out of it? My son is currently building a C15 Bobber for a school project but once its all over he would like to turn it back in to a trials machine, but already the costs are spiralling out of control before we have bought any of the trials bits. So what class would it fall in to? Its a 1965/66 not certain which as we are waiting for the documents. Or should we just build it around the 1958 donor frame we have and claim its a 58????? As an outsider looking in many of the machines I see are just built of various bits so I find it all a bit confusing?
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