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  1. zippy

    TY175 Clutch

    I think it would be worthwhile to ensure the passage the actuating rod goes through is clean and clear. To ensure smooth motion.
  2. I am not positive, but I believe they can be removed, and it is a very large torx bit. I don't have one that size, so had no interest in removing them.
  3. I don't know if the Brak-Tec caliper on my GasGas is the same as yours but here goes. I have a 4 piston mono block caliper. I decided to clean the pistons and reassemble I did it one piston at a time. NOTE: I did not remove the large Torx plugs in the caliper. 1. disconnect brake hose from caliper - drain as much brake out of the caliper as you can, some will remain 2. wrap mechanics wire around the 3 pistons you want to stay in the caliper 3. using compressed air "pop" the 4th non-wired piston out 4. At this point I cleaned the piston and reassembled, you would pull the seal out of the caliper with a pick. Lube the new seal (I just use brake fluid), insert new seal. Lube new piston, insert new piston. 5. wrap mechanics wire around the new piston, unwire next piston to be changed. 6. repeat for all 4 pistons.
  4. If you come up with a better process for lacing these types of rims, Please share the info.
  5. I recently replaced 7 bent spokes on that style of rim, disassembled, reassembled, etc. Much cursing and swearing, sorry don't have a trick other than patience. but there is a point in the "length" of the spoke where the hub side is past the bend in the spoke but not touching the end stop of the spoke. This allows a little room to slide back and forth a little bit. I did have to do a little forcing to get spokes started in the turnbuckle. I tried to start both spokes in the turnbuckle at the same time, so that one end would not bottom out before the other and have maximum adjustment available. Oh and good luck
  6. zippy

    Engine Flush

    Fill gear box with the same transmission fluid that you normally use. Run the bike, get everything warmed up, drain the gearbox right away, refill. repeat until the cloudiness (milkyness) is gone.
  7. let us know how she sounds and congrats on the new bike
  8. I popped the fuel tank off and poked around a bit. I have not owned this bike long or did too much maintenance on it due to multiple injuries. (yes I am making excuses and whining) I did not see any unconnected plugs under the gas tank. There is quite the mess of wires under there. I must have been thinking about the 2003 when I mentioned two plugs not connected. My 2015 was produced prior to KTM buying GasGas, the 2022's are made after KTM bought GasGas. So there is a possibility of differences in wiring etc. Sorry I couldn't help with this part.
  9. You're welcome. I do have a 2015 GasGas 300 Race, the photo I pulled off the interwebs is of a 2022. But they should be very very similar. I purchased mine used, so it was all set up for competition, none of those extra blinkers etc. I will try to remember to look under the tank tomorrow, if I remember correctly there are 2 plugs that are not connected to anything. I will try to confirm.
  10. Just take a second look at the lower triple clamp, throttle side. The 3 parts may have been packaged together for convenience, not necessarily for install location. I have one on my 2015, my previous 2003 had the hole in the clamp and a hole for the bolt but the plate was not installed.
  11. Take a look at the bottom triple clamp. there may be a locking mechanism for locking the forks in place. A type of theft deterrent. I think that plate replaces the locking mechanism.
  12. There are many similarities between the 2003 and 2004 Pro. I think, I may not be 100% accurate, that the 2004 has the same 38mm GasGas produced forks. the 2004 user manual states 310cc each leg. The Hell Team have a nice resource here: https://www.thehellteam.com/technical-support/gas-gas-parts-and-service-manuals.html
  13. Agree, I tried an old Tubeless tire on the rear of my TY175, wouldn't sit on the bead correctly. Mounted an IRC tube type rear tire. No problems with bead seating or tube creep. Only problem I have is the sidewall is a bit softer than I would like and have to run 5-6psi in it instead of 4psi
  14. I had some slop in the rear of my GasGas at the swingarm pivot. ended up the swing arm axle was badly worn. You may also need a new swing arm axle.
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