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  1. I have medical insurance............. motorcycle doesn't............. but that's just me being a smartass
  2. Of course refill with new gearbox oil, but be sure to run it until warm, dump that oil and fill with new. That will help get rid of any residual coolant in the gearbox.
  3. Actually been a little while since I changed the bearings. If memory serves correctly, (this may be the issue and as I type this I may have remembered differently) the new bearings are just a touch wider than the originals, I believe I put in O-rings to take up the gap or I was "persuasive" with the old seals. I actually need to grease the dog bones bearings soon. I should take a pic and post it.
  4. I buy these and re-use the old seals https://www.vxb.com/HK1516OH-Needle-Bearing-15x21x16-p/kit7374.htm
  5. I really enjoyed his commentary through the sections, was interesting to hear what he was thinking etc..
  6. zippy

    2017 280 questions

    my GasGas starting procedure - from cold choke on - from hot no choke Lean bike against appropriate item (tree, truck, garage, etc) OR have bike supported by skidplate (on stand, on a log, on the neighbors annoying bratty kid......) Stand on the footpegs Bring kickstarter down gently until you feel resistance From that location kick through with a forceful fluid motion - gotta get it to spin up quickly, but don't "stab" at it NO throttle Mine starts 1 or 2 kicks 99.9% of the time
  7. zippy

    Future of Gasgas

    In the video he says the "off road" bikes will be based on the KTM platform. I understood this to be Enduro and Motocross. Whenever Trials is mentioned it is specifically called out as Trials.
  8. No new class, The best are the best and should be celebrated as such. World Trials is entertaining and amazing and does very little to nothing to bring more riders to the sport. (as far as I have seen) To even the playing field: Keep the dreaded minimum weight rule (make it realistic so that a standard production bike meets it) Bikes used in World Trials Competition MUST be a production bike - only "tweaks" available are existing aftermarket bits that are available to the public. and if those two don't cut it maybe cap the number of tweaks allowed, so the rider will have to choose between greatest suspension and maximum horsepower or some such. Just thoughts, I am not exactly adamant they will work, my mind can be changed. Discuss
  9. zippy


    https://www.instagram.com/p/B5sq6geHvgD/ Latest Instagram posting.
  10. spray carb cleaner around the base gasket to see if it is sucking in air.
  11. good excuse for the 10 pound sledge................................. yes, I have done so for the Old BAGG
  12. zippy

    Won't rev?

    check your ground, I helped a guy get his Sherco running the day after he washed it. He rode it for practice, washed it, and the next day at the event it wouldn't run. Cleaned the ground attachment at the frame and all was right again.
  13. those I ride with keep trying beer and liquor............. not sure how effective it is. We shall continue further testing
  14. within MOTA (Michigan Ontario Trials Association) we have 6 Clubs, each club hosts 2 events per season. For a rider to be awarded season championship points they must work 2 events per season. This is how we get the majority of our observers, the members of the club will set up, run, observe their 2 events for the season. and then you ride the other 10. Season championship standings are determined by your best 8 rides. It seems to work pretty good. But you do not have to be a member of one of the clubs to ride the events. You will get a trophy that day (provided you finish in the top 3) but you will not be awarded season championship points for the year end awards.
  15. The Wizard and the Unfillable Hole, By Nathan W. Pyle https://cdn1.kontraband.com/uploads/videos/2019/7/11/5edae1fc.mp4
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