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  1. The Wizard and the Unfillable Hole, By Nathan W. Pyle https://cdn1.kontraband.com/uploads/videos/2019/7/11/5edae1fc.mp4
  2. I use a tree, rock or a log.......... if none of those are available, I have leaned it against a buddy's bike. Or just lay it on the ground, that's her happy place anyway. Spends enough time there
  3. Reed valve is located between the engine and the carb. the valve portion is inserted into the engine. While the Keihin carb in my opinion is better than the Dellorto PHBL, the Dellorto is NOT a bad carb. as with any carb, keep it clean so it can do its job properly
  4. Clutch Master Cylinder
  5. I believe the pressure plate bolts are 6mm - 12 point
  6. zippy

    Future of Gasgas

    Looks like the Torrot website is down as well
  7. zippy

    Show Us Your Ty

    My RatTY 175 arrived like this: And it now Looks like This: There will be tweaks that happen for quite some time yet, but she can be ridden and enjoyed. And that was the goal.
  8. Good luck, hope it is sorted quickly
  9. I think you may have shift drum issues, if that is the problem, this will require splitting the cases. that pin looks a bit like part no. 13 in the photo below. source: http://lewisportusa.com/manuals/gasgaspartsman/04partscomplete.pdf
  10. I think you may have broken the Top Hat, (gear selection spring unit) the cross bar is sacrificial and breaks before the shaft. Just remove clutch cover and clutch basket (one bolt in center) and you should see it
  11. RatTY 175 runs! getting much closer to being able to take for a ride.
  12. A local rider has one, well local (ish), he rides our events. anyway back to topic at hand, he has stated that he has has quite a bit of mud accumulate on the top of the swing arm but never in the sides. The day I got the look at the bike was an event my club was hosting and it was a mud fest, and sure enough I did not see any mud in the sides of the swing arm. As for the potential boot damage............. I don't know one way or the other
  13. RatTY 175 is starting to look like a trials bike, not exactly a pretty one. But some of the ugly ones are the best ride.
  14. zippy

    Gas for your Beta Evo

    We even have a pack for those
  15. Adjusting the Eccentric screw may help this condition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G55FU27Z9bU or may be bent shift forks.....
  16. I just spray the outside of the filter. the oil is propelled by CO2 so it comes out rather cold and really stiffens up the filter. This makes is difficult to fit the "cage" inside the filter without possibly ripping the filter. So I will gently massage the filter to warm it up, which in turn gets the oil to even out in the filter. when warmed up, give it a good squeeze to release excess oil and good to go.
  17. Is there a 'timing" hole in the flywheel? 2nd picture looks like there is a hole in the upper portion of the stator plate that a rod could fit into if there was a corresponding hole in the flywheel, in order to time the ignition. I may be wrong.
  18. Getting closer to having RatTY 175 finished
  19. zippy

    Show Us Your Ty

    Finally started getting RatTY put together. I have an engine now. Took these two tables of parts.......... And turned them into this:
  20. zippy

    ty175 rebuild

    There is also an online manual http://trialsport.com.au/TY175/
  21. Imperial bolt identification: Well if it is powerful and down right scary, it is probably a Darth Vader bolt
  22. unfortunately I cannot locate any pictures of the gusset, but if memory serves me correctly it was basically just a small triangle that I welded to the mounting tab and frame. But can't remember if it was on the outside edge of the tab or inside edge. End cap of silencer should fit inside the tube portion of the silencer, and then held on by rivets. I have not had that bike for quite some time, so I will not be able to get pictures. 😞
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