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  1. talon tg109 will do the trick as well but you didnt want to wait the several months durring covid for uk shipping... --Biff
  2. Posting this here as i know i will want to refer to this again someday in the future. As im modifying my 175 with 350 mono stuff i needed to go up to a 520 chain but my counter shaft sprocket has been a PITA to get right... so here it goes. Dear future Biff, Hows it going? Wow yea i can see you haven't missed a meal. Well as you asked the counter shaft 520 sprocket from a 1980-1993 kx125 will work on the Ty175. Stay well bud! --Past Biff
  3. Ride or spectate nationals... good times will be had in the states. https://www.mototrials.com/ --Biff
  4. We have one in Michigan and have had a few visit from canada before covid. When i visited mike at tryalshop he had a few around. Good power good beginner bike. --Biff
  5. flush flush and flush again. also give the coolant a few cc to expand. --biff
  6. Every three rides and on GasGas its type F atf if it had not been converted to Autotrac transfercase fluid. I find standard ATF to be hard to find in europe but that is usually because of the lack of those transmissions. --Biff
  7. biffsgasgas


    I agree with Lineaway on this one. No one needed to ride my bike for me before covid and i have a face for social distancing so lets ride! --Biff
  8. Luckily the majority vote here isn't as forgetful. We remember the constitution, morals, amendments, how to count... its a pretty big list. If you forget all of the facts and reality then of course you will only remember the way you thought it would happen. I am excited for Biden's inauguration as are the majority of Americans. Majority... --Biff
  9. No one want's to hear stupid political propaganda at a trials event. Fabricate all the data you want but real people are sick of these stupid Trump socialist ranting an raving about conspiracies. The dude built 9 miles of new wall. He ostracized a ton of people who would otherwise went on their merry way. He has hatred for people. If you embrace that then I feel bad for you. Sorry folks but we here in America will be the focal point of "crazy" for a bit. In the mean time... --Biff
  10. Easy there Paul.... that county is Wayne county where I and my vote in ballet reside. Those were not sworn affidavits they were declarations. If they were sworn and notarized those people would be guilty of perjury/ Those were testimonials of people that were not and are not involved with the voting ballot process. The eye witnesses were not even in the room because they were not part of the legal voting system. There was no software failure proven in Wayne country. The voter who logged onto the public website on two different devices thinks that it counts twice (counting properly seems to be a thing). Republican challengers that are making these claims were not part of the republican nominated trustees.... These were a bunch of self proclaimed fanatics who do not agree with the results and their signatures and identification supports that. I ride trials bicycle on the river walk right behind the ex cobo center which is now owned by TFC. I get it that they are not happy but no one has provided proof that the democratic process is not strong here. Alleging does not indicate guilt. Proof of people not following the rules has not been proven. My vote counted and I am happy about that. --Biff
  11. Those of us that voted legally are the majority here. --Biff
  12. lol giving Trump credit for that!!! Scientists and people like me who participated in a clinical trial is how they got there. So why haven't you given any credit to the Germans for their contribution? BioNTech not Murica first enough I see. I am glad to see the Stock market do what fear mongers said it wouldn't. Simple fact is that we have more good people here and we are not going to take credit for the work of smart experts who can do amazing things if we trust in their expertise even if we don't agree. We should count the military votes we should count all votes. --Biff
  13. I mailed my vote in knowing full well that it would be counted by people who knew how to count past 20 with their shoes off. This has saddened a bunch of yokels (insert non heart felt condolence here). No USA election has ever stoped counting votes on election day because the priority is accuracy. No election stops counting just because a political party is ahead. Fake news is a label that people put on things they don't understand or agree with here. Electoral college has till mid December to ratify the results so any complaint today is invalid regardless. God bless you all and my electrified employer. Democracy will not fail here. --Biff PS. I've been on zippy's lawn... no guns were pointed and he made me move a bunch of logs.
  14. I voted for peace and prosperity. Fear mongers and absolutions do exist here but they exist in all places in the world. Paris accord does impact climate output as do others. If it does not happen in my back yard and personally affect me that does not mean its insignificant. I believe in my foreign ancestors and why they came here. I believe that some in this country truly want to ignore data and science that states this country needs to participate with the planet in a better way before we can exemplify world leadership. I live in a country where politics wants to call others crazy or incarcerate others that don't agree with their policies while calling others socialists. I live in a country where infrastructure isn't better and people are not fed. I work in major manufacturing where my country has made it difficult to be a world leader and reduced participation outside of this country. I am worried but optimistic and I think the globe is too. Wish us luck and prayers. --Biff
  15. I agree with that. He was a senator from 1973 till 2009 and of course VP for two terms. His time on the judiciary committee alone speaks to many many accomplishments. His actions against violent crimes and the tax relief acts he helped pioneer are also huge accomplishments. I am not sure which metrics have stated he has accomplished very little. As has Trump. The difference here is that I see Biden being able to keep an open mind where if you were to ask Trump he would basically tell you that this was his idea all along even though he said something different a couple weeks ago. Biden will also not tell you that in two weeks something is going to change where Trump seems to think everything happens in two weeks. After those two weeks nothing has happened other than some other distraction Trump has created. Flip flopping seems to be some sort of accusation but when has anybody had a change of direction or motive? That is human nature. We can't get any consistency out of Trump. This is referring to Trump? I think its probably with any politician you can see that. Outside of politics I have to deal with business decisions and when I hear other managers say "Well there is no money to do that" I can see where people don't see the vision. What I mean by this is that any subject matter can cost money. That subject matter has to fit an agenda. When someone who is in control of money has an agenda that aligns with the subject matters agenda then the money magically appears. For example they build GasGas trials bikes (for the moment at least). I want a GasGas trials bike. I go out and get my money to spend on a GasGas trials bike. If the money going to a foreign country does not align with the agenda of the country then I am totally on board with holding it back. If it does not align with the agenda of a particular politician then my taxpayer money is now not representing me but the personal interest of a politician. That is taxation without representation. Trump's kids or Biden's? If we are trying to say that Biden's son has done something wrong here then I would take a long look at all of the Trump spawn. Trump and his kids have personal gain conflicts of interest issues like crazy. What were those actions? Trump has been extremely disrespectful to many people. He will tell you that he is a military champion but when asked to prove his actions he can't seem to back it up. Military budget now is less than it was a decade ago. We have less people serving in the military now than a decade ago as well. Biden says we should have a police standard and more education for them which I don't think is horrible. Trump tells cities that their police force is horrible if they don't align with his politics. I am not from Michigan. I moved here to follow an industry that I am passionate about. I do live and work here now but also travel around this country and other countries as well. --Biff
  16. So kids that eat tide pods are "wack jobs" but a president of a country who suggests similar to a world wide audience is not? No one is going to change your mind here and that's ok. To down play people from other countries with alternative ideas or solutions is not the america I am a citizen of although seems like its becoming the louder voice. No one has to be born here to know right or wrong. No one has to agree blindly to be right or wrong. Your religion doesn't mean you are correct or incorrect. Trump wants it his way or the highway and loves to point blame. I see similarities with the tide pod reference. Wack job indeed. --Biff
  17. pronounced ... sourey... no worries EH! --Biff
  18. That is a truth right there. Traveling the world and working with world economies I can see that Americans are hinged on this culture we can't be wrong and will never fail. Well frankly many of us are flawed and if we don't listen we won't get any further ahead. The perception from afar is that we don't have a cultural norm other than being self centered. Other cultures have their own values which don't align with the US. Germans were implanted with an anti jay walking gene and must not drive in the left lane unless you are overtaking. Many Asian countries think spitting in public is totally cool. Mexicans are perfectly ok with living in tacked together housing. Canadians will apologize for almost anything. Many in the US don't align with others in the US. I grew up in a culture of please and thank you, yes mam and yes sir, I appreciate and am thankful. I was not forced to do this and I wouldn't force others to follow my values. I don't think this is self centered however I do believe in that being a good person, neighbor and overall citizen means that good people will be in my life. Just because I don't understand a culture does not mean I have a right to make fun of it or force my culture down someone else's throat. What this country is living with is a leader who is exactly what you said "self centered in their own ideals and will not compromise or surrender their lifestyle". He doesn't care about me or my family based on his actions. He doesn't think he works for the citizens unless we agree with everything he says. If you oppose him you are given a label. He calls the people who put him there terrorist and agitators. This is not a leader. I know bad people and this man is one of them. Kindness is not a sign of weakness. --Biff
  19. That just means its time to re-arch the pan. —Biff
  20. Txt editions have a crank case bottom end drain plug for this. Remove the skid plate and the plug is on the bottom of the big end. Wish others did this... —Biff
  21. There used to be a great trial on hunter mountain. Grand parents lived in boiceville. Jim is an amazing resource out of oneonta. —biff
  22. Welcome! Check out the group from 3d and d4. Growing up in Caz myself you have a ton of people in your neighborhood that are trials enthusiast. Between tryals shop and those two groups you should be all sorted. —Biff
  23. Hey have you all been hearing about corduroy pillow cases? No? Weird! They've been making headlines! --Biff
  24. 3d printed shark Fin. --Biff
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