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  1. Excellent thought...will check asap before going any further! Many thanks to all
  2. Much obliged, fan is working. It is definitely a case of oil and water mixing where they shouldn't, cylinder head being warped is my best guess. If there is any water in the crankcase is there a way of removing without taking the crankcase cover off?
  3. Thanks, good suggestion. Any ideas how to remove any coolant left in the crank case? Thanks
  4. Hi there, Following catastrophic blowout of cylinder head O rings on my 2001 TXT 280, I have replaced O rings, drained and flushed what was left of coolant, stripped and cleaned carb and air filter and reassembled with O rings correctly seated and correct torque settings. Now it doesn't start. On first kick it tries for a couple of fires then dies, then nothing. Spark plug and piston head covered in chocolate-milk-y gunk. To me that suggests the head is warped as fuel is getting through and mixing with coolant. I am happy to have a go flattening the cylinder head myself before splashing out on a new one but before I do, anyone have any ideas of anything else I need to check? Thanks in advance
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