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  1. Thanks Riff for the encouraging words. In my time of reflection on what to do I actually found an original manual for dirt cheap. Hopefully once i get that and the Chilton book I can diagnose the electrical better without just buying all new stuff. However, if its all bad I still think I’ll resurrect it. Now its just a waiting game for the service book and owners manual.
  2. Well I’m faced with a dilemma, should I fix the bike or part it out. It’ll cost $400 for new ignition components. I’m only getting 120 psi engine compression with the kick starter. Is this worth putting the money into? If I spent a grand on it to get it going is there any chance of me getting the money back if I decide to sell it?
  3. That’s all great info. I’ve recently ordered a book by Clymer. I don’t think it’s the same as the one you mentioned but I’ll search for it all the same. Thanks for the info
  4. After some playing around yesterday I think I’m having a spark issue. I removed the kickstart cover and was able to turn the motor over by a drill. I was doing this to test spark. I’m not seeing any spark at all. Does the switch panel on the left side of the handlebar have anything to do with this? The wiring on this bike is pretty basic but I’d love to have a wiring diagram!
  5. Anyone know what fuel ratio these ran on? I contacted southwest Montesa about a manual but have heard anything back yet. UPDATE: Southwest Montesa doesn’t have a manual for this bike. So it looks like I’m back to square one
  6. I’m going to contact southwest Montesa today for a manual. Here’s some of the pics of it
  7. No clue to be honest. Based on photos I’ve seen i think its a ‘76. The stamping on the frame is 54m1074. I got nothing other than the bike so i’m Kind of out in no mans land. I’ll snap some photos of it tomorrow. I took the seat and take off it already but I’ll place them on there.
  8. I was given a Montesa Enduro 250 and now I’m trying to find a service manual for it. So far I’m coming up empty. Any help with anything would be much appreciated. I also looking for things to avoid or tips in general about this bike. Also I’m curious about the numbers stamped on the frame if anyone’s well versed in them.
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