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  1. Hi Christian Tank was sealed with caswell,as I wasn’t sure of integrity etc.nearly all done now just waiting for front pipe to turn up so I can mock up exhaust system etc.then sort out carb settings etc and hopefully get some time to play on her
  2. Hi Guys and Girls It’s all starting to come together slowly, tank has now been cleaned and repaired and repainted and also frame has been cleaned and deep marks removed and repainted as I want to keep this as a used restoration no concourse.I think it’s doing it justice
  3. Thanks turbofurball, I’m think of taking frame and rear arm into work as we have an aqua blast unit for cleaning auto parts etc.had a good look over frame after degreasing and pressure washing and so far apart from a very small ding in one bottom rail looks ok,my plan is to refer as many old parts as poss and keep as a used restoration.good tip on getting into trials on another unit as only dabbled in trials before. MX was my ball but old age has slowed me down a tad lol.Thanks again for all information and tips,will post some photos of restoration as it progress. Cheers and gone from Cornwall and stay safe everyone,there will be plenty of time to go out and play another day
  4. Wow Thanks for all the advice and information Section swept. I have managed to strip the bike down now and clean off all the parts and frame to give it a good check over, frame seems to be in very good condition with very little damage to it,in fact I’d go to say apart from the damage to the seat the front tyre needs replacing.A new head stock bearing,and a few other bits and pieces she’s not that bad.after adjusting and checking points and fitting new pug and replacing fluids she fired up after about half an hour of fiddling. Tank is in good condition apart from surface marks.Internally it looks to be very clean and original with no problems,Thanks for the advice on Mod and brake linings.
  5. Hi delberto, I think it will be a good restoration project which will be used when finished for fun and the odd trail etc,Always a bit of a gamble until you get the engine running etc and get the feel of internal conditions.
  6. Many thanks b40rt I have started the long process of stripping and cleaning the 92 now after getting the engine running after god knows how long,most of the bike looks like original parts and in fairly good condition really. Thanks for all the information guys, I’m sure I will be asking lots of questions and trolling previous forums
  7. Many Thanks gasserguy
  8. Hi turbofurball I have worked on bikes and cars for a good few years but always handy to get tips and knowledge from others,This is my first Bultaco but raced MX for years,many thanks for the reply.
  9. Many Thanks b40rt I did drop them a message on Facebook. .
  10. Hi Guys and girls I have just acquired a model 92 350 Sherpa for restoration/rebuild. bike seems to be mostly original but requires some refurbishment, Any pointers to UK suppliers and tips on what to look out for would be great fully.
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