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  1. Hi all looking for advice , every time I’m out and it’s wet or I go through streams etc my bike wants to cut out , the only thing that stops it is turn the chime on for a couple of seconds and it’s clear . my wee fella comes out with me on his sherco and goes through the same stuff his bike is fine thoughts anyone ??
  2. Hi all, I’ve got a problem with my sons 2003 sherco 125. he was out couple of weeks ago and the bike seemed to take longer to start,now it takes ages to start and when it does it cuts out straight away. cleaned the carb, air filter , and checked the spark plug but no spark ? anyone got any ideas of what it could be ? thanks in advance .
  3. Hi there , I’m having trouble with my sons sherco 125 2003. it was popping the thermostat out put a new one in and now coolant coming out not from the thermostat but from the radiator somewhere . how do I check the blow off valve as I suspect the problem lies there any help or tips very much appreciated as this bike is slowly draining the life and wallet out of me ??
  4. Yes it’s a real pain , I have tried lots of places. I can get them in silver but it’s not what I’m after
  5. Hi all , I’m new to the site so go easy lol, I’m looking for some help. i have just bought a 2001 sherco 290 and I am looking for replacement front and rear mudguards . Can’t seem to find any . is there anyone that has some available or could give me some pointers ? thanks in advance for any help.
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